West York Wrestling


West York Wrestling
Coaching Staff

▪ West York Wrestling Sr. High Coaching Staff.
Kneeling - Head Coach Brian Gross.
Standing (L-R) Asst.'s Wade Ginter & Justin Wilkins
Photo by Kevin Drawbaugh of JK Images

Broken Cage Wrestling Club

Agenda: Freestyle, Greco-Roman, Folkstyle
Coaches: Brian Gross, Wade Ginter, Justin Wilkins,
Chad Gardner, Ryan Fant.
▪ Contact Coach Brian Gross @
(717) 764-5485
Brian Gross E-mail -

▪ West York Wrestling Jr. High Coaching Staff.
Standing - Head Coach Jim Townsley.
Kneeling - Asst. Coach Brad Brosius.
Photo by Kevin Drawbaugh of JK Images

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