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The Easton, PA High School
Holiday Christmas Wrestling Tournament

West York's "13" Individual Champions
West York HS Wrestler Easton HS Tournament Year
 Keith Lichty CHAMPION 1970
 Neil Bupp CHAMPION 1971
 A. Scott Callahan CHAMPION 1971
 Mike Stambaugh CHAMPION 1971
 Don Lehman CHAMPION 1971
 Kevin McCleary ow CHAMPION 1972
 Don Lehman ow CHAMPION 1972
 Jeff Meckley CHAMPION 1974
 John Chiappy CHAMPION 1975
 Chuck Nace CHAMPION 1976
 Ken Shorts CHAMPION 1977
 Tom Toggas CHAMPION 1981
 Brendt Gladfelter CHAMPION 1982

1970 Easton Holiday Wrestling Tourney

1970 - 5th Annual Easton Holiday Wrestling Champions
▪ Front (L-R)
Keith Lichty (WY), Rocco Creazzo (E), Lance Leonhardt (F),
Don Rohn (SV), Dan Santoro (SV), Jeff Duke ow (MT).
▪ Back Row
(L-R) Frank Klotz (SV), Bill Danyluk (SV), Sam Crivellaro (W),
     Jim Doster (D), Jim Gaycheck (D), Bob Schoener (F).

                      Results of 1970 5th Annual Easton Holiday Finals
      95lbs.   Keith Lichty, West York dec. Ed Kovacs, Easton 7-0.
    103lbs.   Rocco Creazzo, Easton dec. Rocky Chunko, Saucon Valley 0-0 ref's dec.
    112lbs.   Lance Leonhardt, Bethlehem Freedom dec. Brad Weaver, Easton 3-0.
    120lbs.   Don Rohn, Saucon Valley dec. Blaise Derrico, Bethlehem Freedom 11-3.
    127lbs.   Dan Santoro, Saucon Valley won by default over Bob Ellis, Hanover Twp.
    133lbs.   Jeff Duke ow, Manheim Township dec. Larry Davis, Easton 5-0.
    138lbs.   Frank Klotz, Saucon Valley dec. Jesse Longenecker, Manheim Township 3-1.
    145lbs.   Bill Danyluk, Saucon Valley dec. Robin Dunlap, Manheim Township 5-1.
    154lbs.   Sam Crivellaro, Wilson dec. Bob Nagy, Saucon Valley 7-4.
    165lbs.   Jim Doster, Allentown Dieruff dec. Tony Karpovich, Hanover Twp. 2-0.
    180lbs.   Jim Gaycheck, Allentown Dieruff dec. Ted DeLong, Bethlehem Freedom 2-0.
  Bob Schoener, Bethlehem Freedom pinned Don Lehman, West York 4:33.

                 Outstanding Wrestler - Jeff Duke (133lbs.) Manheim Township
                 Team Champion: Saucon Valley 64pts. (West York 5th with 37pts.)


1971 Easton Holiday Wrestling Tourney

1971 - 6th Annual Easton Holiday Wrestling Champions
▪ Front (L-R)
Rich Rike (BF), Rocco Creazzo (E), Lance Leonhardt (F),
Rocky Chunko (SV), Don Rother (H), Bob Messimer (H).
Back Row (L-R) Neil Bupp (WY), Don Rohn (SV), Scott Callahan (WY),
       Fred Kugler (SV), Mike Stambaugh (WY), Don Lehman (WY).

                                                     Results of the 1971 6th Annual
                  Easton Area Holiday Wrestling Tournament

    December 29 & 30, 1971

    95lbs.  Rich Rike, Bethlehem Freedom dec. Greg Duke, Manheim Twp. 3-1.
  103lbs.  Rocco Creazzo, Easton pinned Paul Mulay, West York 5:03.
  112lbs.  Lance Leonhardt, Bethlehem Freedom dec. Keith Lichty, West York 8-3.
  120lbs.  Rocky Chunko, Saucon Valley dec. Blaise Dierrico, Bethlehem Freedom 3-1.
  127lbs.  Don Rother, Hanover Twp. dec. Robbie Trumbower, Bethlehem Freedom 5-1.
  133lbs.  Bob Messimer, Hanover Twp. dec. Dan Santoro, Saucon Valley 15-4.
  138lbs.  Neil Bupp, West York dec. Dennis Underkoffler, Saucon Valley 8-4.
  145lbs.  Don Rohn ow, Saucon Valley pinned Jim Haas, West York in 4:19.
  154lbs.  Scott Callahan, West York pinned Len Wrabel, Bethlehem Freedom in :54.
  165lbs.  Fred Kugler, Saucon Valley dec. Wayne Horton, Bethlehem Freedom 5-4.
  180lbs.  Mike Stambaugh, West York dec. Jim Strathmeyer, Manheim Twp. 6-6, 1-0 ot.
   Don Lehman, West York dec. Jim Gaycheck, Allentown Dieruff 2-1.

       OW - Outstanding Wrestler - Don Rohn, Saucon Valley (145lbs.)
     ▪ Team Champion - West York High School  78 points
       Easton Holiday Tournament Team Champions!
       West York Area High School - 78pts.
       Easton High School Gym (attendance 3,053)

      December 28-29, 1971
      wins 1971 Easton Holiday Tourney Team Championship!

  ▪ 1971 Team Scores  1. West York 78pts.  2. Bethlehem Freedom 59  
      3. Saucon Valley 56.5  4. Manheim Twp. 38  5. Easton 34.5  6. Hanover Twp. 26
      7. Wilson 16  8. Allentown Dieruff 11.

ow (outstanding wrestler award) - Don Rohn 145lbs. from Saucon Valley HS.

 Clarion State's Don Rohn was a NCAA Division I Wrestling Champion!

▪ West York Coach - - John T. Toggas holds the Easton Tourney Trophy
after clinching the 1971 Easton Team Championship!
West York Assistant Coach, Bob Bowers is on left with Scott Callahan,
John S. "Moc" Toggas, Keith Lichty...and sitting are
Neil Bupp and Mike Stambaugh.

1971 Easton Wrestling Holiday Tourney Recap (WY)
▪ WY Champions: Neil Bupp WY, Scott Callahan WY,
Mike Stambaugh WY & Don Lehman WY.
York 2nd Place:  Paul Mulay, Keith Lichty, Jim Haas.
West York 3rd Place:
  Steve Thomas, Kevin McCleary.
West York Coaches:    John T. Toggas, Robert Bowers

▪ 1971 Easton Area High School "Pat Reilly"
Holiday Wrestling Tournament Champions.

West York's...

▪ (L-R) Neil Bupp, Don Lehman, Scott Callahan & Mike Stambaugh.


1972 Easton Holiday Wrestling Tourney

1972 7th Annual Easton Holiday "Pat Reilly"
Tournament Wrestling Champions

▪ Front ( L-R)  Greg Shoemaker, Easton; Greg Duke, Manheim Twp.;
Garth Springer, Manheim Twp.; Rich Rodriguez, Saucon Valley;
Curt Stanley, Easton; Len Kaminski, Hanover Area.
Back Row (L-R) Russ Snyder, Easton; Fred Landis, Manheim Twp.;
Kevin McCleary, West York
(OW); Wayne Horton Beth. Freedom;
Lee Guzzo, Easton; Don Lehman, West York

                                                1972 Easton Championship Finals
          7th Annual Easton Area Holiday Wrestling Tournament

  December 27-28, 1972
    98lbs. Greg Shoemaker, Easton dec. Dave Quier, Saucon Valley 7-0.
  105lbs. Greg Duke, Manheim Twp. dec. Rich Rike, Bethlehem Freedom 4-3.
  112lbs. Garth Springer, Manheim Twp. dec. Jeff Shoemaker, Easton 9-6.
  119lbs. Rich Rodriguez, Saucon Valley dec. Stanley "Skip" Martin, West York 9-5.
  126lbs. Curt Stanley, Easton dec. Ed Ziegler, Saucon Valley 5-1.
  132lbs. Len Kaminski, Hanover Twp. dec. Dan Lechner, Saucon Valley 9-7.
  138lbs. Russ Snyder, Easton won - default over Robbie Trumbower, Bethlehem Freedom.
  145lbs. Fred Landis, Manheim Twp. dec. Stan McGlynn, Hanover Twp. 7-0.
  155lbs. Kevin McCleary ow, West York dec. Dan Persa, Beth. Freedom 2-2, (ref. dec.).
  167lbs. Wayne Horton, Bethlehem Freedom dec. Darwin Brodt, Easton 12-5.
  185lbs. Lee Guzzo, Easton dec. Mike Keller, Manheim Twp. 8-5.
     Don Lehman ow, West York pinned Tom Giordani, Saucon Valley in 3:27.

               ▪ ow's (outstanding wrestler award) - WY's Kevin McCleary & Don Lehman.

  ▪ 1972 Easton Tourney Team Champion - Easton High School with 76 points.
  ▪ Team Points:  Easton 76 pts., Saucon Valley 55 1/2 pts., Manheim Twp. 55 1/2 pts.,
  West York 47 1/2 pts., Bethlehem Freedom 47 pts., Hanover Township 22 pts.,
  Neshaminy 14 pts., Wilson (Easton, PA) 7 pts

1972 Easton Holiday Wrestling
OW's (Shared)


1972 Easton Holiday Outstanding Wrestlers
▪ West York's Don Lehman (Hwt.)
& Kevin McCleary (155lbs.)

1972 Team Champion - Easton High School with 76 points.

1972 Easton Holiday Wrestling Tourney

1972 Easton Holiday Outstanding Wrestlers
▪ West York's Don Lehman (Hwt.) & Kevin McCleary (155lbs.)

1974 Easton Holiday Wrestling Tourn

1974 - 9th Annual Easton Holiday Wrestling Tourney
1974 Easton Area Holiday Wrestling Tournament Champions.
 West York's 138lb. champion Jeff Meckley, is 1st on left - back row.

1976 Easton Holiday Wrestling Tourney

11th Annual 1976 Easton Tourney Champions
Front Row (L-R) Bob Rustay (Meyers), Bob Weaver (Easton),
Bob Monaghan (C. Rock), Chuck Nace (West York),
Frank Castrignano (Meyers), John Rogin (North Shore).
▪ Back (L-R) Bill Bryson
(Easton), Lee Martucci (Council Rock),
Jeff Turner (Easton), Brett Mack (Council Rock),
Dwight Ele (Council Rock), Jim Annett (Council Rock).

1981 Easton Holiday Wrestling Tourn

1981 - 16th Annual
Easton Holiday Wrestling
  Easton "Pat Reilly" Wrestling Tournament Champions
▪ Front Row Kneeling (L-R)
Jack Cuvo (Easton), Pat Santoro (Beth. Catholic),
Keith Maurer (Hazleton), John Handlovic (Wilson),
Tony Mowad (Easton), Sean Finkbeiner (Saucon Valley).
Back Row (L-R) Bill Hershey (Saucon Valley), Scott Turner (Beth. Freedom),
Tom Toggas (West York), Ken Ziegler (Saucon Valley),

John Wagner (Beth. Catholic), James Morrison (Reading).

 There are "3" NCAA Division I Wrestling Champions in this picture!
(Jack Cuvo, Pat Santoro & Scott Turner).
 *Tom Toggas
- was a 3-time EIWA Champion @ Lehigh University.


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