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2008 FARGO!


           2008 USA Cadet National
                      Greco-Roman & Freestyle
                      Wrestling Championships
                            "The Fargodome"


Fargo, ND Updates
West York Wrestler...
Billy Randt's experience leading up to
and at the Fargo Cadet Greco-Roman & Freestyle
National Wrestling Tournament!

Bulldog grappler makes a name for himself

Billy Randt ends at 1-2 in Fargo Freestyle Nationals!
Cadet Freestyle 140lbs.
▪ Billy Randt (PA) won by pin over Brandon Jasper (Wisconsin) 5-6, 7-5, 1:29

Joey Kielbasa (Illinois) won by pin over Billy Randt (PA) 6-0, 1:36
Seth Thomas (Oregon) won by dec. over Billy Randt (PA) 3-0, 7-0
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Cadet - 140lbs. Freestyle Medalists/All-Americans

1st Place  -  Taylor Massa, Michigan
2nd Place  -  Colby Kloetzer, Idaho
3rd Place  -  Seth Thomas, Oregon
4th Place  -  Andy McCulley, Wyoming
5th Place  -  Jeremy Davenport, Oklahoma
6th Place  -
  Zak Benitz, Wisconsin
7th Place  -  Blake Sorensen, Iowa
8th Place  -  Patrick Greco, Illinois

Pennsylvania Cadet Freestyle Team (2nd Place)

Billy Randt ends at 4-2 in Fargo Greco Nationals!
Cadet Greco-Roman 140lbs.

▪ Billy Randt (PA) won by dec. over Chris Lattner (Missouri) 6-4, 5-2
▪ Billy Randt (PA) won by dec. over Jason Siebel (Kansas) 4-4, 3-0
▪ Billy Randt (PA) won by dec. over Rogers Zack (New Mexico) 6-4, 2-1
▪ Billy Randt (PA) won by dec. over John Sims (Indiana) 6-4, 1-1
▪ Joey Moorhouse (Illinois) won by dec. over Billy Randt (PA) 6-0, 4-5, 1-1

▪ Dan Cox (Minnesota) won by dec. over Billy Randt (PA) 2-0, 3-0
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Cadet - 140lbs. Greco Medalists/All-Americans

1st Place    Taylor Massa, Michigan
2nd Place   Joey Moorhouse, Illinois
3rd Place    Seth Thomas, Oregon
4th Place    Dan Cox, Minnesota
5th Place    Josh Dziewa, Pennsylvania
6th Place    Joey Kubica IV, Illinois
7th Place    Tyler Lusht, New York
8th Place    Jason Siebel, Kansas

Pennsylvania Cadet Greco Team (1st Place)

▪ Julie Randt reports that Billy left for Fargo on Wednesday via charter bus and should
arrive today (7/17/08) around 1:00pm.  The team will workout upon arrival and then
check in at the hotel.  Friday's schedule includes workouts and team weight checks.
 ▪ On Saturday, the Greco Team weighs in around 7:00am and competition begins
at 9:30am.  (check calendar below)  There are 66 wrestlers in Billy's weight class!
Keep tuned for more updates from Julie!

▪ Billy's mom, Julie... reports that Billy is at Clarion University this week training
for the Nationals and is leaving for Fargo on Wednesday, July 17.  The wrestling
begins on Saturday, July 19, 2008.  Billy (140lbs.) has been working hard and the Clarion
Camp has three intense sessions a day.  Billy is working closely with his coach, Gino Frank.
Billy and his family want to THANK everyone who contributed to Billy's trip!!

▪ Julie Randt... reports that Billy got back safely from the Fargo Nationals
and had a GREAT time!  Billy got a rare experience in meeting
Dan Gable - who
autographed his PA Singlet!  We, at West York, are proud of Billy and look
forward to bigger and better things next year!  Billy is the second West York
wrestler to qualify for the Fargo Nationals, as the other was Eric Albright.

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