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(L-R) Dana Luckenbaugh, Brian Kuntz, Coach John T. Toggas, Scott Callahan & Bill Luckenbaugh.


(L-R)  Don Lehman, Glenn Amsbaugh, Raymond Troxell, Keith Lichty & Mike Stambaugh.


(L-R) Don Narber, Kevin McCleary, Neil Bupp, Paul Mulay & Ron Emenheiser.

(L-R) Jeff Linebaugh, Darryl "Smokey" Dennis, Paul C. McCleary, Larry Haas & John Sprenkle.

(L-R) Eric Lehman, Brent Gladfelter, Todd Lehman, Tony Hoffman & Billy Randt.

(L-R) Bruce Stambaugh, Fred R. Lehman, Sam Sterner, Guy Boyer & Garrett Stauffer.

(L-R) Chuck Richards, Mary Jane Toggas, Randy Blasdell/Brian Kuntz, Todd Reynolds & Dave Carley.

(L-R) Stanley "Skip" Martin, David Maday, Gary Narber, Rod Stough & Steve Toggas.

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westyorkwrestlingalumni.com photos

2019 @ Hanover Country Club... (L-R) Mike Stambaugh, Jim Haas,
Brian Kuntz, Skip Martin, Bill Luckenbaugh & Don Lehman.

2019...Kevin McCleary & Don Lehman (1973 Alumni)

2019...Don Lehman '73 & Steve Toggas '77

westyorkwrestlingalumni.com photos

9/22/17 (L-R) WY
... Tom Toggas, Dave Toggas, Steve Toggas,
Don Lehman & Randy Blasdell.

▪ (L-R) Randy Blasdell, Don Lehman, PSU's Cael Sanderson & Scott Miller.

▪ (L-R) Randy Blasdell, Gary Kessel (referee), Don Lehman & Scott Miller.



(with 10... "former" West York Area HS Grapplers!)

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East Stroudsburg Wrestling Archive

The ESSC Archives by '77 Alumnus - Don Lehman

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     www.westyorkwrestlingalumni.com HISTORY  The 40's

     District III Team Champions! 1936 ▪ 1938 ▪ 1942
     coached by PWCA HOF'er... Charles "Chuck" Richards

     Charles "Chuck" Richards

       West York's 1st Wrestling Coach... 1934-56


West York Coach Charles "Chuck" Richards graduated from Erie Academy, Erie PA in 1929
     and... entered F&M College in Lancaster, PA - graduating in 1934 with a B.A. in History.
     Richards began his teaching career at West York Area Senior High School in September of 1934.

        Chuck Richards was West York's first head coach and was a pioneer in York County Wrestling! 
     1934-35 West York team names included - McDonald, Dubbs, Sheffer, Sitz, Buchanan, Gohn, King,
     Whitmore, Brokenshire, Silar, Wilhide, Gentzler, Sheffer, Desenburgh, and wrestling manager Poff. 
     West York High School wrestled 8 dual meets that year against the likes of Gettysburg Freshmen,
     Manheim, F&M Frosh, Atlas, Patton Trade & Navy Plebes.  West York finished with a record of 4-4.

     ▪  The 1st West York dual meet was against Gettysburg College Freshmen - held on 1/19/1935.
West York Area High School lost that first wrestling dual meet 35-5.
     But, the long and proud West York Wrestling tradition had its beginning!

     ▪  The first West York Wrestling Team included wrestlers in grades seven through twelve!
     From 1934-54, Richards' high school wrestlers won 111 individual titles.  His teams won 72%
     of their wrestling matches.  Coach Richards had nine wrestlers that went on to coaching
     careers: H. Leon Senft, Herb Schmidt, Udell Seitz, Johnny Swartz, Edward Bupp, Nevin Hake,
     Dean Harbold, Ronald Myers and Eugene Brady.  West York won District III Team titles in 1936,
     1938 and 1942 ... Richards was a key organizer along with Al Brittain of Hershey High and Sherman
     Hollabaugh of Manheim High.  The 1st DIII Team Tourney was in 1936.

        Coach Richards' wrestling history was not very long.  He wrestled intramurals at Erie Academy.
     At F&M, he wrestled Hwt., having to lose weight before each match to make the weight limit.
     The F&M Head Coach at that time was Charles Mayser...F&M was a National Champion in the 30's!

        Coach Richards ALSO started the football program at West York, organized a boys and girls track
     program, coached the basketball team for one year, and coached a West York girls fencing team.
     Richards' WY Football Teams won 69% of their games during his 18 seasons.  Coach Richards
     headed up the school's track program for 24 years.  He retired from teaching @ West York in 1975.

     ▪  Charles "Chuck" Richards is in the York, District III and the PA Wrestling PWCA Halls of Fames.

     ▪  Coach Chuck Richards left the WY coaching duties at the end of the 1955-56 season.

                               1947-48 West York Wrestling
                                   ▪ West York's Paul C. McCleary is seated 1st far left - 2nd Row...
                 West York HS Coach - Chuck Richards, is far right - 4th row.
                 Other WY'ers in above photo include... Lee Zellers, Jake Zellers, R. Barley,
                 Leon Senft, Herb Marley, Dean Harbold, Ault, Gross, Bob Grube, Stambaugh,
                 Herb Schmidt & Nolan Hengst.  (WY Varsity)  Coach Chuck Richards - 4th row far right.

"The Recent... WY Wrestling News!"

2018 Wilson JH Tourney... Full Results!
02/10/17 Wilson Junior High Brackets/Results

West York All-Sports Scores Twitter


2015-16 STAFF RECAP (6-14)

2016 PIAA State Mat Tournament Page



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AmerisourceBergen Drug's Anthony "Tony" Capone w/Don Lehman
@ the Ramblewood Country Club, NJ.

Don Lehman

The 300th Coaching Win!
JT Toggas was the first York, PA area high school coach
to eclipse the 300-win mark.  The win
... (300th mat win)
occurred on 1/19/91 vs.
Cumberland Valley PA HS -
by West York (WY 31  CV 28).  (source - Carolyn L. Tritt)

300th Win!
(L-R) Mary Jane Toggas, Coach John T. Toggas and Steph Leinbach
celebrate Coach Toggas's 300th win on 1/19/91, after a 31-28 win
over Cumberland Valley by West York.   (photo sent by MJ Toggas)


Let's Ride!

Key Contributor to this Website!

WY '78 Alumnus...Rod Stough (right).

"Like most cities, York continues to grow, but, I will always remember
it as cruising the Market Street circuit on a Friday night, and shooting
ring-necked pheasants in the corn field ...
below my parent's house in
Shiloh (PA)."
   Rod Stough '78 (above)

"Looking Back"... at a WEST YORK HS
'76-'77, '77-'78, '78-'79 WY Wrestling Previe
submitted by PWCA HOF'er Charlie Jacobs


"The farther backward you can look, the
farther forward you are likely to see!"

Winston Churchill, Prime Minister of Britain

"Honor the Past, Celebrate the Present,
to the Future!"

  Our last WY PIAA Medalist -- 2010...Billy Randt


Tom Elling - of PA Wrestling News on far left-back row LHSC (*UNL).
"That's York High's Jack Klingaman (157) - 2nd from right back row!"
(LHSC Head Wrestling Coach was Gray Simons)

West York Wrestling

"Promoting the Sport of Wrestling!"

Coach JT Toggas and Asst. Coach Barry Gay (1980's)
(That's Dallastown's George McCormack sitting!)
photo by Charlie Jacobs

                  A West York Mat...
          "LOOKING BACK... 49 YEARS"

    1971-72 West York Varsity Wrestling Team (14-0)
    ∙ Front Row (L-R) Steve Thomas, Paul Mulay, Skip Martin, Keith Lichty,
    Kevin McCleary & Neil Bupp.
    ∙ Back (L-R) Coach John T. Toggas, Jim Haas, Barry Albright, Scott Callahan,
    Barry King, Mike Stambaugh & Don Lehman.

        1971-72 (14-0) West York Individual Mat Records
                        ∙ Steve Thomas    jr.    95lbs.    16-3-2    (4 falls)
                        Paul Mulay    sr.    103lbs.    19-2-0    (2 falls)
                        Keith Lichty    jr.    112lbs.    9-5-0    (7 falls)
                        ∙ Skip Martin    soph.    112lbs.    3-4-1    (2 falls)
∙ Barry Botterbusch    jr.    120lbs.    1-7-1    (0 falls)
                        ∙ Rick Albright    soph.    120lbs.    0-4-0    (0 falls)
                        ∙ Kevin McCleary    jr.    127lbs.    22-2-0    (5 falls)
                        ∙ Mark Jenkins    sr.    127lbs.    3-9-1    (1 fall)
                        ∙ Neil Bupp    sr.    133lbs.    18-2-0    (11 falls)
                        ∙ Jeff Masch    soph.    133lbs.    0-1-0    (0 falls)
                        ∙ Jim Haas    sr.    138lbs.    15-4-0    (7 falls)
                        ∙ Alan Eisenhart    soph.    138lbs.    0-1-0    (0 falls)
                        ∙ Barry Albright    jr.    145lbs.    3-2-0    (1 fall)
                        ∙ Scott Callahan    sr.    154lbs.    21-1-0    (12 falls)
                        ∙ Barry King    jr.    165lbs.    4-5-0    (1 fall)
                        ∙ Mike Root    soph.    165lbs.    0-6-0    (0 falls)
                        ∙ Mike Stambaugh    sr.    180lbs.    22-3-1    (9 falls)
                        Don Lehman    jr.    Unl.    21-1-0    (12 falls)

   1971-72 WY Dual Meet Scores:
   West York 31 Red Land 15
   West York 40 Spring Grove 9
   West York 30 Dallastown 22
   West York 42 York High 12
   West York 42 Northeastern 9
   West York 42 York Vo-Tech 9
   West York 52 South Western 6
   West York 47 Susquehannock 6
   West York 35 Central York 11
   West York 42 Red Lion 14
   West York 46 Hanover 9
   West York 41 York Suburban 15
   West York 41 Eastern York 9
   West York 33 Dover 9


    YCIAA Wrestling League 1971-72 Champions (14-0).
    Easton Holiday Tournament Team Champions (1971).
    ▪ YCIAA Sectional Tournament 1972 Team Champions.
    Amateur Wrestling News 3rd Ranked Team in PA ('72).

    Thursday - November 18, 1971
    West York 30... Dallastown 22

    West York 71-72 Championship Mat Staff

  ∙ WY Coaching Staff: 
Robert Bowers (assistant) and John T. Toggas (head).
  ∙ WY Team Manager:  Lynn Sheely.
  ∙ WY Mat Maids: Deb Smith, Becky Callahan, Deb Dell, Rose
Ann Moramarco,
  Sharon Shipkosky, Sally Crone, Pam Mosebrook, Becky Wolfe, Sue Crone,
  Cheryl Lehr, Sue Collier and Rhonda Gibbons.

    WY Wrestling 71-72 (14-0) "Fast Facts"...
  ▪ The '71-'72 West York Varsity Wrestlers... had
  an overall individual match record of 172-62-6!
  "They scored 564 team points in dual meet competition ▪ while only
  giving up 155 points.  West York HS 1971-72 pinned their opponents
  74 times while... only giving up 5 falls in overall dual competition!!"

"THE '72 GANG"
    (L-R) Kevin McCleary, Neil Bupp, A. Scott Callahan,
    Mike Stambaugh & Don Lehman.

    The 1971 Easton HS Championship Finals
    6th Annual Easton HS Holiday "Pat Reilly"
    Wrestling Tournament
    December 29-30, 1971

    "West York Crowns 6 Sectional Champions!"
    1972 YCIAA Sectional County Champions
    West York Wrestling... 1971-72
    1972 YCIAA Sectional Wrestling Champions
    ▪ Front (L-R) Paul Mulay (103lbs.), Kevin McCleary (127lbs.),
    Neil Bupp (133lbs.).
    ▪ Back Row (L-R) John T. Toggas, A. Scott Callahan (154lbs.),
    Don Lehman (Hwt.), Mike Stambaugh (180lbs.),
    Assistant Coach Robert Bowers.    @ Gettysburg College
    *click - Upper Bracket '72 Sectional Champions Photo (full results)
    *click - Lower Bracket '72 Sectional Champions Photo (full results)

    West York '71-'72 wins fantasy team tourney!


10 YCIAA/YAIAA Championships
1963, 1964, 1965, 1972, 1975,
1977, 1978, 1992, 1994, 1999

D. Luckenbaugh B. Luckenbaugh
WY's Section HistoryDIII History | SE Region History | PIAA History



October 14. 2015

Local Wrestling Loses Legend
by Steve Heiser 505-5446/@ydsports -

Author:  10/14/15 COLUMN By Steve Heiser of The York Dispatch 

1973 -West York Coach John T. Toggas.

In sports, the word "legend" sometimes gets tossed around a little casually.
It's often used to describe athletes or coaches who are really very good, not great, and certainly
not legendary.

In York County wrestling circles, however, John Toggas was a truly legendary figure.

The longtime West York High School coach is in six separate halls of fame, he was the first York County
wrestling coach to reach 300 victories, and he coached three Pennsylvania state high school

Those are some serious coaching credentials.

Unfortunately, Toggas died on Friday in Bensalem at age 83.  His death, however, will not diminish
the memories of the man for the people who knew and admired him.

"(West York) lost a great coach, mentor and friend," said Don Lehman, who runs the West York
Wrestling Alumni website.  "Coach Toggas left a lasting mark on West York wrestling."

  Respect from a coaching rival:  One of the men who often went head-to-head against Toggas was
longtime Dover coach Charlie Jacobs.  Both men are in the Pennsylvania Wrestling Coaches
Association Hall of Fame.  Despite being coaching rivals, Jacobs had nothing but respect for Toggas as
a coach and a man.  "John loved the sport of wrestling," Jacobs said.  "He brought great energy and
enthusiasm, which always generated much excitement during any matches with his Bulldogs.  "His
"Bulldog Pride" caused all opposing coaches to work extra hard to compete with his tough squads."

  Fierce competitor:  At his heart, Toggas was a fierce competitor.  That trait helped the York High grad
compile a 307-110-4 career record at Biglerville (38-32-2 from 1958 through 1964) and West York
(269-78-2 from 1964 through 1983 and 1986 through 1991).

"(He) wanted to win every match," Lehman said.  "I'm sure the coaches in the county who competed
against West York in those days would agree with that."  Despite his competitive streak, Toggas was
not stingy with sharing advice with other wrestling coaches.  "He was willing to share with us younger
coaches what he thought was important to creating a successful wrestling program," Jacobs said.  "He
certainly had a tremendous influence on the success of the York County wrestling scene."

  Career highlights:  One of the highlights of Toggas' career came in his final season in 1991 when his
Bulldogs topped Cumberland Valley, 31-28, for his 300th victory.  Of course, that's just one of many
career highlights.  Here are a few others:
▪ He coached three state champions (Dana Luckenbaugh in 1965 and Bill Luckenbaugh and John
Sprenkle in 1969).   Dana Luckenbaugh was York County's first state champ.
He was inducted into the National Wrestling Coaches Association Hall of Fame in 1999 and the York
Area Sports hall of fame in 1995.
He won five York County League championships, was a two-time York County League Coach of the
Year and guided his Bulldogs to the 1971 team title at the prestigious Easton High School Holiday

Watching 'his boys' succeed:  While Toggas liked winning championships and earning honors, he might
have gotten more enjoyment out of seeing his wrestlers excel after leaving West York.  "Many of his
athletes continued successful wrestling careers beyond high school, and several were able to give
back to the sport by becoming coaches and officials," Jacobs said.  "I know he loved seeing 'his boys'
achieve that success and recognition on the state and national levels."

  Lots of support:  Lehman said one of the keys to Toggas' success was the wide-ranging support he
received from his family and the broader West York community.  "Coach Toggas had a great wife
(Mary Jane) and family (son John S. "Moc" and daughter Steph) who came to practically every match,"
Lehman said.  "Coach Toggas also had a great support team in Raymond Troxell (the West York
Superintendent), Neil Everhart (the West York Principal) and coaches Robert Bowers, Whedon Myers,
John Sprenkle, Bill Luckenbaugh, etc., throughout his coaching years.  West York also had a fabulous
fan base for the sport of wrestling and Coach Toggas, along with his booster club, had a lot to do with

Maintaining his love for the sport:  After retiring as a coach, Toggas maintained his ties to the sport as
a high school official and was a member of the NCAA Rules Committee as a high school representative.
He also loved to talk about the sport.  "Before he got ill, Coach Toggas would stop by my home every
Thursday to sit in my office to chat about everything under the sun," Lehman said.  "He loved wrestling
and missed all facets of it after he retired."

  Lasting legacy:  There's little doubt that the York County wrestling community will miss Toggas as well.
"All of us need to remember and appreciate the great contribution he gave to the great sport of
wrestling," Jacobs said.  "Thanks, J.T."  That's a lasting legacy for a legendary coach.  

Section:  York Dispatch Sports Page - 10/14/15...
Steve Heiser is sports editor of the York Dispatch.  He can be reached at sheiser@yorkdispatch.com.

www.westyorkwrestlingalumni.com by Don Lehman

*Sports column by Steve Heiser, York Dispatch Sports editor.
(c) 2015 The York Dispatch.  All rights reserved.

HEISER:  "Local Wrestling Loses Legend"

  PA Wrestling News by Tom Elling

westyorkwrestlingalumni.com obits page

WY Wrestling Website Home Page by Don Lehman


                                        THROWBACK THURSDAY

               GAMETIMEPA.com  Throwback Thursday
                        West York Wrestling's success can be traced back to a 1965 state championship
                                             by Steve Navaroli  8/27/14
                               1964-65 - YCIAA League Wrestling Co-Champions!
                               1965 YCIAA Sectional II Team Tourney Champions
                                  ▪ Front Row (L-R)
Jeff Linebaugh, Gary Carbaugh, Dana Luckenbaugh,
                                  Darryl "Smokey" Dennis, Burton Snyder, Steve Kunkle & Tom DeLong.
                                  Back (L-R) WY Coach John T. Toggas, Jack Hershberger, Don Narber,
                                  Fred Lehman, Charles "Chuck" Bostic, Gary Narber & William Wiehe.

          In 1969, West York had a pair of PIAA wrestling champions in John Sprenkle (Hwt.)
   and Bill Luckenbaugh (127).  In fact, that championship closed Sprenkle's stellar career with a 55-6
   record and Luckenbaugh went on to star on the mat at
East Stroudsburg, where he won both PSAC

   and NCAA Division II titles in 1974.

        But the example of what was possible was set when Luckenbaugh's brother, Dana Luckenbaugh,
   earned the first-ever PIAA championship won by a then-YCIAA (now YAIAA) wrestler.  Dana
   Luckenbaugh topped former state champ Bill Welker of Shamokin High School, 4-3, in the 112-pound
   final.  Sprenkle said that, and the entire 1965 West York squad, showed his team how to be successful.


   West York's 1965 PIAA State Wrestling Champion - Dana Luckenbaugh.
   York, PA's FIRST... PIAA State Wrestling Champion!

"I was blessed and fortunate to be on some great teams at West York," said Sprenkle, who was
   also a football star for the Bulldogs.  "That '65 team was an awesome one.  (John) Toggas was a
   phenomenal coach."  It capped an amazing three-year run for West York which won the YCIAA team
   championship from 1963-1965, amazingly with three head coaches: Bob Brown, Ken Ober and Toggas.

        Dana Luckenbaugh was a three-time YCIAA sectional champ.  Teammate Darryl "Smokey"
   Dennis (120 pounds), won two sectional titles.  Several years later, his brother, Bill, followed by Neil
   Bupp, Kevin McCleary and Donald Lehman would go on to become the school's other three-time
   section title winners.

        Sprenkle recalled seeing Dana Luckenbaugh when kids would go to the former A. H. Martin
   Elementary School and "roll out the horsehair" wrestling mats under the watchful eye of coach
   Don Strausbaugh.  "(Strausbaugh) could never keep Dana in the wrestling room.   He always wanted to
   be up in the gym shooting baskets," Sprenkle laughed.  "Everything to him came natural.  He didn't
   have to work as hard as Bill and I did."

        But, Dana Luckenbaugh, who posted a 56-6-1 record as a high school grappler, was one of a kind.
   Just ask Charlie Jacobs, who wrestled at rival Dover during the same time period.  "He was very strong,
   he never panicked," Jacobs said.  "He used to read the comics before the matches.  Nothing excited
   Dana.  He had extremely long arms and thick hands. When he put a tight waist on you, you knew it.
   He was very tough."          
 8/27/14 YDR & GametimePA - by Steve Navaroli - 8/27/14



   Reach Steve Navaroli at 717-817-3432 or navarolienterprises@gmail.com

   P.O. Box 365
   Dallastown, PA 17313
   877-657-2539 or navarolienterprises.com

                        West York Wrestling's success can be traced back to a 1965 state championship


                        "Preserving an Eighty-Year Plus... History"


                 1977-78 WY Champions '09 Reunion
                                    West York 1977-78 Championship Team Reunion
                     ▪ Front (L-R) Don Botterbusch, Bruce Stambaugh, Rod Stough, John Silar.
                      ▪ Back (L-R) Larry Gay, Barry Gay, Asst. Coach Don Lehman, Randy Blasdell,
                       David Stram, WY Head Coach John T. Toggas, Asst. Coach John Sprenkle.
                                                             ▪ Photo by Kevin Drawbaugh of JK Images



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               "A 98lb. wrestler in his high school days at West York, Pat Brown... said
              his coach, John T. Toggas, always told him he should become a jockey."  YDR 6/6/14  Article



West York Wins '64 Junior High Wrestling Title
                           ▪ Front (L-R)  Bill Luckenbaugh, Steve Smith, Edward Spangler, Jeff Linebaugh.
                           ▪ Back Row  (L-R)  Coach Robert Bowers, Steve Kunkle, Dan Druck, Don Narber,
                              Ronald Emenheiser, Coach Whedon Myers.
   @ 1964 West York HS (1964)
                                              '64 WYJH Tourney Championship Round

                              72lbs. Phil Dasheux (Northern) dec. Steve Flickinger (Spring Grove) 4-1
                              80lbs. Bill Luckenbaugh (West York) pinned Dave Fileo (Northern) 4:33
88lbs. Jeff Linebaugh (West York) pinned Barry Strausbaugh (Spring Grove) 2:36

                              95lbs. Donovan Grove (Dover) pinned Rich Hartman (Spring Grove) 2:46
                            103lbs. Bob Ginter (Northern) dec. Steve Slothower (Dover) 11-0
                            112lbs. Jeff Leiberknecht (Eastern) dec. Bill Beckheimer (Spring Grove) 11-0
                            120lbs. Eric Bowersox (Spring Grove) dec. Gary Gross (Dover) 8-6
127lbs. Joe Lighty (Dover) dec. Steve Kunkle (West York 5-0
133lbs. Steve Smith (West York) dec. Barry Duncan (Dover) 4-4 2-0 OT
138lbs. Earl Ginter (Spring Grove) pinned Dan Druck (West York) 1:29
145lbs. Edward Spangler (West York) dec. Jim Kelly (Northern) 9-2
154lbs. Ron Emenheiser (West York) dec. Don McCall (Dover) 4-2
165lbs. Donald Narber (West York) dec. Jeff Lohr (Eastern) 9-2

                                      WEST YORK WRESTLING

                                                   "Giving Back...!!"
Team "Veritas" Toggas/Trenge/Lehman
    The 2009 3rd Place Bulldog Open Team @ -1 (69)
        (L-R) John T. Toggas, Don Lehman, Jon Trenge, Matt Toggas.

  2007 - Don Lehman's Briarwood East Alumni Mat Outing
  2008 - Booster Honey Run GC Wrestling Alumni Outing
2009 - Randy Blasdell's "Bulldog Open" Cool Creek Outing
2010 - R. Blasdell's ARC Cool Creek GC Fundraising Outing

  ∙ 2009 Fountain Head J. Haas, Reynolds, Toggas, Lehman
  ∙ 2010 Fountain Head
∙∙ Blazer, Reynolds, Toggas, Lehman
2009 ESU Football Club Fundraiser...  Stambaugh, Lehman

  ∙ 2010 ESU Football Club Fundraiser...  Stambaugh, Lehman
  ∙ Randy Blasdell's 2010 Bulldog Open @ Iron Valley GC
The Great PIUS X Golf Fundraisers by Phil Stambaugh


$11,000+ (below) raised from 2011-2017!
Randy Blasdell's 2011 Bulldog Open @ Honey Run GC
  ∙ Randy Blasdell's 2012 Bulldog Open @ Briarwood West GC
  ∙ Randy Blasdell's 2013 Bulldog Open @ Briarwood West GC
  ∙ Randy Blasdell's 2014 Bulldog Open @ Briarwood West GC
  ∙ Randy Blasdell's 2015 Bulldog Open @ Cool Creek GC
  ∙ Randy Blasdell's 2016 Bulldog Open @ Grandview GC

  ∙ Randy Blasdell's 2017 Bulldog Open @ Cool Creek GC
  ∙ Randy Blasdell's 2018 Bulldog Open @ Briarwood West GC
  ∙ Randy Blasdell's 2019 Bulldog Open @ Hanover CC
                                                           GOLF PAGE

                                           2019-20 West York Wrestling Alumni Website

A West York Mat...

 by WY's/ESSC's Don Lehman

February 5, 2004
West York vs. Northern
2004 WY Senior/Alumni Night

A Coach John T. Toggas Recognition!
photos by Mike Brouillette

(L-R) Coach Toggas Night... JT greeting Guy Boyer, Jim Haas & Eric Lehman.

(L-R) Coach Toggas Night... JT greeting Fred Lehman, Skip Martin, Barry Gay & Jeff Meckley.

(L-R) Coach JT greeting Brian Kuntz/Jeremy Jones, Mike Stambaugh, Don Lehman & Steve Toggas.

(L-R) Coach Toggas Night... JT greeting Terry Weaver, Wade Ginter, Randy Turner & Jeremy Jones.

          "THE" AREA

                                         West York Team Photos!
                                 1947, 1948, 1949, 1965, 1966, 1967, 1968, 1970,
                                 1971, 1972, 1973,
1974, 1975, 1976, 1977, 1978,
                                 1979, 1981, 1982,
1983, 1984, 1988, 1989, 1990,
1991, 1992, 1993, 1994, 1995, 1996, 1997, 1998,
1999, 2002, 2003, 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008,
2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016,

                                    THE WEST YORK SECTIONALS PAGE
                                                   1969 YCIAA Sectional Mat Champions
                                ▪ Front (L-R) Mervin Keeney (DA), Bill Luckenbaugh (WY), Jim Keesee (DA),
                                Larry Haas (WY), Mike Anstadt (DA), Frankie Vega (WY).
                                Back Row  (L-R) Don Adams (DA), George Myers (DA), Terry Myers (DA),
                                Frank Rice (DA), Richard Hartman (DA), John W. Sprenkle (WY).
@ West York (PA) Area High School Gym

                                               "Our"... York County/YCIAA/YAIAA
                                  Sectional Wrestling Championship Area

                                            Photo/Results from... Sectional Years:
                                               Just Added Sectionals - 1963-64 & ...
'62, '65, '66, '68, '69, '70, '71, '72, '73,
                                               '77, '78, '79, '80, '81, '82, '83, '84, '85, '91,
'96, '02, '03, '04, '05, '06, '09, '10, '12, '13, '15.

                                          West York Wrestling's Championship Teams (10)
1962-63, 1963-64, 1964-65, 1971-72, 1974-75,
1976-77, 1977-78, 1991-92, 1993-94, 1998-99.
                                               WY's Championship Junior High Team - 1963-64

The 1965 & 1969 PIAA State Wrestling Recap

    YAIAA All-Star Wrestling Meet
s... '04, '07, '09, '10

                                  YAIAA All-County Wrestling Teams... '03, '04, '10, '15, '16



Click on... '65 Flashback...West York 38 York High 14

                                  Click on... '71 Flashback...West York 30 Dallastown 22

                                  Click on... '73 Flashback... FS Poland 6.5 - USA/PA 5.5

                                  Click on... 'A Flashback...'76-'79 WY Wrestling Previews

                                  Click on... '60 Flashback... Articles from Charlie Jacobs



                                  Click on... 1981 Selinsgrove High School Tourney

                                Click on... 1994 YCP York County Alumni Mat Results

                                  Click on... 2001 District III/SC Region/PIAA Results

                                  Click on... 2001 York Suburban Holiday Tourney

                                  Click on... 2004 Cedar Cliff Duals @ Cedar Cliff

                                  Click on... 2003 "War of the Roses" Football Team

                                  Click on... 2003 West York Area HS Football Team

                                  Click on... 2003-04 WY Tourney Place-Winners

                                  Click on... 2002 Carlisle Wrestling Tournament

                                  Click on... 2006 Carlisle Wrestling Tournament

                                  Click on... WY Elementary Team Photos '96, '97, '98.

                                  Click on... Junior High Mat Tourney's '06, '08, '09, '11

                                  Click on...
WY Photos from... '09, '09, '10, '12, '12, '12

                                  Click on... 2011 Carlisle Wrestling Tournament

                                  Click on... 2005-2009 WY Wrestling Recap Page

                                  Click on... 2012 Elizabethtown Challenge Tourney

                                  Click on... 2013 David Costabile Wrestling Duals

                                  Click on... The Governor Mifflin Tourney HOF Page

    Click on... The Easton Holiday Tournament Page


                   Alumni Pages/Hall of Fames!/Trips, Misc.!!
                        The Coach John T. Toggas Bio/Tribute Page
                        2015 GametimePA YAIAA All-Star Team Photos
                        2013 West York Wrestling Camp w/Scott Moore
                        2013 ESPN Disney AAU Duals in Orlando, FL!
                        2013 " A Night w/PSU's Rohan Murphy @ WY"
                        2013 WY Wrestling Alumni Night (WY/SW Dual)
                        2012 Northeast FS/Greco - Townsley/Scheivert
                        2012 West York JH vs. Spring Grove JH Photos
                        2012 WY Wrestling Alumni Night (WY/KD Dual)
                        2010 - WY Elementary/JH @ Penn State Tourney
                        2010 West York @ Penn State Wrestling Camp
                        2010 ESPN Disney AAU Duals in Orlando, FL!

                        2010 USA Schoolboy's - Townsley/Scheivert - IN
                        WY Elem/JH Tourneys! - '04, '06, '07, '08, '09.
                        WY Wrestling 2010 Elementary Clinic...
(1) & (2)
                        WY Wrestling 2009 '78 14-0  Reunion...(1) & (2)

                        2009 New PSU Coach Intro by Tom McConkey, III

                        2009 Billy Randt's PAWF Freestyle/Greco-Roman
                        2008 Billy Randt @ Fargo USA Cadet Nationals
                        2008 Billy Randt's PAWF State Greco-Roman Title
                        2008 WY Elementary Roster & Win/Loss Update
                        2008 WY Elementary-Shamokin Tourney Results
                        2007 West York Elementary "Blue-White Classic"

Keystone State Games (Randt, Miller, Martin)
                        2006 WY Wrestling Banquet @ Viking AA Club

                        2006 WY vs. Fairfield & Susque. Twp. Photos!
2004 WY Wrestling Senior/Alumni/Toggas Night
                        2004-05 Dual Photos - York Suburban/Biglerville
                        The 2004 Elementary Trip to Albright College
                        1983 WY/Biglerville/JT Wrestling Alumni Night!
                        1972 "The Gang" & York Dispatch Top Matmen
                        The West York Wrestling Hall of Fame Page
                        The West York High School 1972-73 Varsity Club
                        District III Wrestling Hall of Fame Lucky & Dana
                        West York Wrestling Booster Club Awards Page
                        Some 1951 & 1952 Southeastern Region Results
                        A Nebraska Trip for the 1981 AAU Mat Nationals!
                        The Pius X Royals Football - Golf Fundraiser Page
                        A look @ 1970's West York HS Football Memories
                        1940's West York Wrestling Teams w/Photos...


  Some WYHS NCAA Wrestling Stuff...
                           Millersville, ESU, LHU, '94 EIWA, '75 PSAC, '74 NCAA DII,
                           '74 PSAC, '85 NCAA, '06 Ship, '74 ESSC NCAA, '68 ESSC.

                           The Best from York, PA in the NCAA's


                               WEST YORK WRESTLING
                          Dana Luckenbaugh, Fred Lehman, Jeff Linebaugh, Ronald Emenheiser,
                          Glenn A. Amsbaugh, Stanley Wright, Gary Narber, Darryl Dennis, Ray Troxell,
                          Keith Clark, Glen Eby, Jack Kunkle, John Sprenkle, Larry Haas, John Bowser,
                          Bill Luckenbaugh, Brian Kuntz, Guy Boyer, Jim Haas, Paul Mulay, Keith Lichty,
                          Scott Callahan, Neil Bupp, Mike Stambaugh, Mark Jenkins, Don Lehman,
                          Kevin McCleary, Todd Reynolds, Rod Stough, Randy Blasdell, Tom Hoover,
Coach John T. Toggas, Steve Toggas, David Maday, Jason Turnbull, Bill Randt
                          Fred & Dr. Matt Callahan, Eric Lehman, Todd Lehman, Mathias Smyser,
Tom Toggas, Jeff Wolfe, John Reiber, Bruce Stambaugh,
Wilmer Pressel,
                          Perry Tallman, KC McCleary, Justin Wilkins, Dave Heckard.

                        The WY Q & A Interviews:
Billy Randt, Rod Stough
, Jeff Wolfe, Bruce Stambaugh,
          LT's... Keith "KRW" Warehime
, David Maday & Jason Turnbull,
          Mary Jane & John T. Toggas
, Lehigh's... Jon Trenge, Randy Blasdell,
          Wilmer Pressel
, Shamokin's... Dr. William Welker, Mike Stambaugh
          Todd Reynolds
, Gary Narber, Fred & Matt Callahan, Skip Martin,
          Brian Kuntz
, K.C. McCleary, Dover's... Charlie Jacobs, John Reiber,
          Perry Tallman
, Justin Wilkins, SW's/YCP's... Mark Bowersox,

          Eric & Todd Lehman & SW's/ESU Wrestling standout... Steve Elicker.



               ESU's 190lb. Jeff Wolfe (top) at Koehler Fieldhouse in 1995.

                           ESU 1970-2019 Varsity Letter Awards

West York Area HS
         ▪ Mark Buelow 3 1995-97 1
         ▪ Glen Eby 2 1971-72 1
         ▪ Barry Gay 3 1981-83 3
         ▪ Don Lehman 4 1974-77 3
         ▪ Keith Lichty 1 1974 0
         ▪ Bill Luckenbaugh 4 1971-74 2
         ▪ Matt Sprenkle 1 1996 0
         ▪ Mike Stambaugh 4 1973-76 1
         ▪ Bruce Stambaugh 1 1980 0
         ▪ Jeff Wolfe 4 1995-98 3

                        Alumni  A look @ the 1974 PSAC Wrestling Championships
                        Alumni  A look @ the 1975 PSAC Wrestling Championships
                        Alumni  A look @ the 1970-2013 ESU Wrestling Lettermen
                        Alumni  A look @ Bill Luckenbaugh's ESSC Wrestling Career
                        Alumni  A look @ Lichty, Lucky, Stambaugh & Lehman 70's
                        Alumni  A look @ ESSC's NCAA Mat Official - Gary Kessel '77

                                     John T. Toggas - National Hall of Fame     (PA Chapter)
                                   (The John T. Toggas
... "Coached" Top 60 Wresters Page)
                                     Dr. Kenneth Ober - National Hall of Fame (PA Chapter)

                                              PWCA Hall of Fame Inductees
                 (Dr. Ken Ober, John T. Toggas, Chuck Richards. Bill Luckenbaugh)



         York, PA's PWCA Hall of Fame Inductees (13)
                               ▪ Charles "Chuck" Richards (West York) 1976
                               ▪ John T. Toggas (West York/Biglerville) 1992
                               ▪ Bill Bence (Dallastown) 1993
                               ▪ Dr. D. Kenneth Ober (West York/Elizabethtown College) 1994
                               ▪ Terry Conover (Hanover) 1996
                               ▪ Shaun Smith (Dover/Del Val) 2003
                               ▪ Joey Wildasin (South Western/GCCC/OSU) 2004
                               ▪ Tony Koontz (Delone Catholic/N. Iowa) 2011
                               ▪ Brad Lloyd (Red Lion/LHU) 2013
                               ▪ Charlie Jacobs (Dover) 2015 (46th Annual Ceremony Inductees)
                               ▪ Bill Luckenbaugh (West York/East Stroudsburg State) 2016
                               ▪ Bob Gano (Delone Catholic/Biglerville) 2017

                               ▪ Mark Banks (Y. Suburban/York Tech/W. Virginia) 2018

                                       PWCA PA WRESTLING HALL OF FAME


                                                         PWCA HALL OF FAME (1970-2018)

                  * 2009 interview w/3-time NCAA All-American & 2015 PWCA HOF - Jon Trenge

                The Pennsylvania Wrestling Hall of Fame
                Norm Palovcsik, HOF Chairman.  Mike Smith, HOF Master of Ceremonies.

                 2015 Pennsylvania Wrestling Hall of Fame Class (13)
Seated (L-R) Nelson Fritz, Nick Grego, Charlie Jacobs, Richard Kelvington,
                  Jerry Lattimore and Dustin Manotti.
                 Standing (L-R) Kerry McCoy's PSU Ed. Advisor, Ronald Nelson, John Reich,
                  Carl Rhodes, Jon Trenge, Gene Waas and Lyman "Beans" Weaver's - wife.
                  (April 12, 2015 Induction @ Ramada Inn... State College, PA)     Bios
                                                    photo by Tom Elling of PA Wrestling


                  The 2016 PWCA Hall of Fame Class (Bio's)
    ∙ Front Sitting Row (L-R) Doug Buckwalter, Bob Derr, Gib Fink, Bill Luckenbaugh.
    ∙ Back (L-R) Tom Teagarden, Robbie Waller, Col. Dave Warnick,
Ken Wunderley.
    (not pictured ... 2016 PWCA PA HOF inductee - Mike Pirozzola)
2016 PWCA inductees photo by PA Wrestling's Tom Elling

                                         Dr. Ken Ober & John T. Toggas are in the
                                          National Wrestling Hall of Fame


West York Wrestling Alumni
Get Together in Tennessee!!

Dr. Kim Lehman, Carol Stough, Rod Stough '78 & Eric Lehman, J.D. '96

             ∙ Eric Lehman '96 and wife, Army Major Dr. Kim Lehman...
       were transferred to Fort Campbell and Clarksville, TN from Fort Sam Houston in
       San Antonio, TX.
  Carol and Rod Stough '78 met Eric and Kim on 8/11/10 to have some
       dinner @ the Blackhorse Saloon/Brew House and at the Lodge!
  Eric and Kim found a
       great home that week in Clarksville, TN.
  Carol and Rod Stough lived in Clarksville, TN...
       and were very helpful to Eric and Kim per the military transfer.
  Kim had just returned
       from service in Baghdad, Iraq and after a short leave of duty, started at Fort Campbell
       in October of 2010.
  Kim is now working in Clarksville, TN in private practice and Eric is
       entering his last year of law school @ the Nashville School of Law!
  The Stough's are in FL!

Thanks Rod and Carol for your help!  Wrestlers always come through for their brothers!

                          ∙ Dr. Kim Lehman and Carol Stough having some fun after TN dinner!

                          Dr. Kim Lehman is a West Point Academy Graduate... & an Army Major.

                   ∙ Army Major Dr. Kimberly Lehman in Baghdad, Iraq @ Camp Victory 2010.


                        ▪ Former WY Wrestling Booster President - Sam Toggas

             Look Back @ ... 2007 Youth Classic


                         www.westyorkwrestlingalumni.com history

                          WY SUMMER MAT TOURNAMENT
               Looking Back...49 Years Ago!
The West York Wrestling Booster Club of 1971-72
               headed up by Booster President, Paul C. McCleary...
               put together and executed a High School Division & Open College Division
               WY Summer Wrestling Tourney which was very successful for many years!
               PIAA State Champions, National Prep Champions & NCAA Champions,
wrestled in this once great tourney!
                Champions in the 1st Booster Club Tourney in 1972:
               HS Division:  Dave Quier, Dan Niman, Greg Duke, John Little, Bill Kaercher,
               Steve Gantz, Chris Poff, Ed Neiswender, Mark Lieberman & Don Lehman.
               ▪ Open/College Division:  Mike Torchia, David Groverman, Norm Palovcsik,
               Bill Luckenbaugh, Brian Schmidt, Jesse Rawls, Mike Lieberman & Tom Herr.

Click the - West York Booster Summer Tournament


                                                                            WY News
                                                                            What's New?
A WY History

                       West York HS Wrestling Record's
                             WY Mat Records WY Win/Loss Page
                             WY Hall of Fame
WY PIAA Medalists

                                              "Honor the Past, Celebrate the Present...
                                                                           Look to the Future!"
              West York Wrestling 87-Year History
                 Sectionals Districts Regionals
PIAA States
                 PIAA State Qualifiers
West York Photo Gallery
WY Outstanding Award George Sterner Award

   WY Wrestling Coaching Staff & History    
                                                                     1965  1969
West York Wrestling "By the Numbers"





                                w/ WY's Jeff Linebaugh (5th from left front row),
                                & WY's Fred Lehman (5th from left in middle row).
          1969 NCAA Champion - Gobel Kline - is 4th from left middle row)
            1969 University of Maryland Wrestling

                                  West York's NCAA ALUMNI

                                     ESU/ESSC ALUMNI PAGE Lettermen

 www.westyorkwrestlingalumni.com photo
Randy Blasdell, Don Lehman, Cael Sanderson & Scott Miller
                                      2/8/13 PSU @ PITT DUAL WRESTLING MEET.


                                                          WY GOLF PAGE
                                            THE 2015 BULLDOG OPEN CHAMPIONS!
                 (L-R) Fred Lehman, Jeff Spangler, Dave Carley & Greg Reiber.
photo by Carolyn Tritt


                            "My" WY Wrestling Obituary Memory Page

                            Don Lehman, Webmaster



West York Wrestling's... 3-Time
Sectional Wrestling Champions!
(L-R) WY's Dana Luckenbaugh, Bill Luckenbaugh,
Neil Bupp, Kevin McCleary, Don Lehman & ...

Chad Luckenbaugh

West York Wrestling's...
ONLY "4-Time" York County Sectional
Wrestling Champion!

Dr. Glenn Amsbaugh

2015 (L-R) 1969 WY Alumni - 2-time YCIAA Sectional Champion

Larry Haas, with WY Football standout, Wayne Hoffman.
photo courtesy of Chad Luckenbaugh

Some "Lucky" Fishing!!

(L-R) West York Alumni - Bill Luckenbaugh & son Chad Luckenbaugh in FL.

KD's 4-time PIAA Champion...Chance Marsteller (left) @ West York.

                   ▪ Some Famous People That WRESTLED:
       Larry Holmes, Bill Shoemaker, Dwight Eisenhower, Abraham Lincoln, Jay Leno,
       George Washington, Kevin Harvick, Garth Brooks, Jim Nance, John McCain,
       Roone Arledge, Geraldo Rivera, George Patton, Norman Schwartzkopf,
       Larry Czonka, Kirk Douglas, Ashton Kucher, Dan Dierdorff, John Belushi
       Tiki & Ronde Barber, Sugar Ray Leonard, Jim Thorpe, Archie Griffin, Bo Jackson,
       Tom Cruise... & Donald Rumsfeld (Captain of 1954 Princeton Wrestling Team)

*Looking Back @ a USA National Magazine Feature!!

Bill Welker Interview w/Don Lehman

1982 West York Wrestling Team Reunion
of the 1972 YCIAA Championship Wrestling Team
(L-R) Don Lehman, Scott Callahan, Neil Bupp, Paul Mulay, Keith Lichty,
James Haas, WY Head Coach John T. Toggas and Michael Stambaugh.

(above picture taken by '72 WY teammate, Kevin McCleary)

Easton High School's "Pat Reilly"
Christmas Mat Tournament Page



A. Scott Callahan


1972 WY Mat Captain - Scott Callahan




                              June 18, 1983... West York & Biglerville Wrestling Reunion
                           ∙ Front Kneeling (L-R) Mark Younkers, Jeff Meckley, Karl C. McCleary,
▪▪Don Heckman,
                           Gary Carbaugh, Dan Dixon, Ken Shorts, Bruce Stambaugh, Chuck Nace, Rod Stough,
                           Don Botterbusch, David Toggas, Tom Toggas.
                           ∙ 2nd Row Kneeling (L-R) Mark Hoffman, Rob Eyster, Mark Einsig, Scott Hursh,
                           Tom Hoover, Skip Martin, Brian Kuntz, Bill Pope, Todd Kern, ▪▪John Pitzer, Steve Culver.
                           ∙ 3rd Row Standing (L-R) Barry King, Brad Pope, Tom Tallman, Jim Shorts, Neil Bupp,
                           Terry Lehr, Keith Lichty, Scott Miller, Mark Kuntz, Guy Boyer, Bob Hildebrand, ▪▪Ed Taylor,
                           Glen Eby, Jack Myers, Dave Heckard, ▪▪Gary Wagner, Steve Toggas, Kevin McCleary.
                           ∙ 4th Row Standing (L-R) Chuck Bostic, Gary Narber, Mark Lauer, N/A, Don Lehman,
                           Gary Johnson, Ron Emenheiser, Coach John T. Toggas, Randy Blasdell, Perry Tallman,
                           ▪▪Ron Wagner, ▪▪Tim Geiger, ▪▪Perry Mickey, ▪▪Jim Mickey.

                                                      (▪▪) denotes - Biglerville High School Wrestling Alumnus.
                                                      (N/A) denotes - Please...we need some help on a name!

                                                      ALSO CLICK ON:
                                             ▪ 1982 West York Wrestling Reunion of 1971-72 YCIAA Champions
                                             2004 West York Wrestling Reunion of Past Mat Alumni - Coaches
                                             2009 West York Wrestling Reunion of 1977-78 YCIAA Champions
                                             2012 West York Wrestling Alumni Night @ West York High School
                                             2013 West York Wrestling Alumni Night @ West York High School


                     WEST YORK WRESTLING
     Dana Luckenbaugh, Fred R. Lehman, Jeffrey Linebaugh,
     Ronald Emenheiser, Dr. Glenn A. Amsbaugh, Stanley Wright,
     Gary Narber, Darryl Dennis, Raymond Troxell, John T. Toggas,
     Keith Clark, Glen Eby, Jack Kunkle, John Sprenkle, Larry Haas,
     Chuck Richards, John Bowser, Bill Luckenbaugh, Brian Kuntz,
     Guy Boyer, Jim Haas, Paul Mulay, Keith Lichty, Mark Jenkins,
     Scott Callahan, Neil Bupp, Mike Stambaugh, Donald Lehman,
     Kevin McCleary, Todd Reynolds, Rod Stough, Randy Blasdell,
     Tom Hoover, Fred/Matt Callahan, Eric Lehman, Todd Lehman,
     Mathias Smyser, Thomas Toggas, Jeff Wolfe, Justin Wilkins,
     John Reiber, Bruce Stambaugh, Tom Hoover
, Steve Toggas,

     Wilmer Pressel, Perry Tallman, KC McCleary, Dave Heckard,
     David Maday, Jason Turnbull, Skip Martin, Billy Randt.



         York/Adam's PIAA CHAMPS
   PIAA State Wrestling Champions
                by... High School

      ∙ Dallastown (5), Hanover (5), South Western (4),
        Delone Catholic (4),
Kennard Dale (4), Biglerville (3),
Dover (3), West York (3), Bermudian Springs (3),
        Susquehannock (1),
York Vo-Tech (1), Littlestown (1),
        New Oxford (1), Spring Grove (1), Gettysburg (1).

      The Luckenbaugh's Medalists

                WEST YORK WRESTLING
Sectionals Districts Regionals States

   PIAA District 3 Wrestling YAIAAScores

         West York Wrestling Source



WY's Glenn A. Amsbaugh '63
4-time Sectional Champion!
Undefeated Dual Meets 46-0
EIWA 2nd @ Lehigh University


WY's Leon Senft '49
▪  1948 & 1949 PIAA State Qualifier!
▪ 1948 & 1949 District III Champion


West York Wrestling HOME



Winner of Amateur Wrestling's Best Website Award

2013 WY Wrestling Alumni Night


To the... 

This website is dedicated to the great memory of an office, full of photos,
    a coffee pot, and the endless conversations between wrestlers and their coach.  
    website is dedicated to the memory of a scales room, clean and immaculate,
    nicely framed photos of "past" West York Wrestling champions and championship
    teams... and, an exam table used for daily naps!  This website is dedicated to the
    memory of a small hot wrestling room -  full of records, all-time teams, motivational
    quotes and a dark blue mat kept clean by a team of dedicated "mat maids."  This
    website is dedicated to the memory of an old equipment room, with its proudly
    hung and pressed WY uniforms, and an equipment locker with a history of WY's
    YCIAA Sectional Champions, so neatly written.  This website is dedicated to the
    memory of those great fans, the full gyms and the proud support we felt. 
The Alumni
    Website is dedicated to the memory of a head coach who had the vision
for the
    above, and the great patience to stay those long nights while his wrestlers
    & took those long showers after a tough practice or dual meet. 
This website is
    just a "modern" extension of the visuals we saw during our lives at West York Area!

     ▪ This website is dedicated to a former head coach who cared, John T. Toggas
    and the many WY athletes who competed in the World's Oldest and Toughest Sport!

                                             WY's Robert Bowers and John T. Toggas

                                           John S. "Moc" Toggas Memory


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