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West York Wrestling History
10 YCIAA/YAIAA Championships
1963  1964  1965  1972  1975
  1978  1992  1994  1999

The WY Wrestling Alumni History
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West York Wrestling
"An ONLINE Hall-of-Fame!"

The 1940's!
▪ Looking Back @
West York Wrestling

1946-47 West York Wrestling Team
▪ West York's Paul C. McCleary is seated 1st on left - 2nd Row...(no shirt)

'46-'47 West York Wrestling HS Coach - Chuck Richards, is far right in 3rd row.
Other WY'ers in above photo include ... Lee Zellers, Leon Senft, Herb Marley,
Johnny Swartz, Dean Harbold, William Grimmon, Robert Grube, John Smith,
Herb Schmidt, Robert King & Paul Brodbeck. (Varsity)

 1947 Robert King - 2nd Place @ '47 PIAA's...@ 165lbs.
1947 PIAA State Wrestling 165lb. Finals
Frank Rich (Lock Haven) dec. Robert King (West York) 2-0.

Paul C. McCleary
above photos submitted by K.C. McCleary & Pat McCleary


Website by Don Lehman '73

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www.westyorkwrestlingalumni.com history

 ▪ John Bowser, Dave Maday, Rod Stough, Frank Vega, Brian Kuntz, Bill Pope, Eugene Brady,
    Dan Dixon, Lester Boyer, Paul Mulay, Donald Becker, Greg Henry, Dana Luckenbaugh,
    Eric Albright, Wade Ginter, Ken Shorts, Jeff Linebaugh, Larry Haas, Todd Kern, Steve Thomas,
    Tom Hoover, Glenn Amsbaugh, Carl Bowser, Leon Senft, Darryl "Smokey" Dennis, Skip Martin,
    Robert Linker, David Toggas, David Carley, Van Emig, Larry Bahn, David Miller
Chuck Nace,
    Bill Luckenbaugh,
Roy Bowser, Bob Brown, Matt Sprenkle, Herb Marley, Terry Lehr, Josh Gibbs,
    Keith Lichty, Chad Luckenbaugh, Neil Bupp, Todd Platts, Mark Buelow, Stan Wright, Keith Clark,
    John Chiappy, Chad Toomey, Mathias Smyser
, Brent Gladfelter, Robert Schaszberger, Bill Forry,
    Brandon Luckenbaugh
Jason Turnbull, Todd Reynolds, Brock Mathison, Barry Gay, Bill Knerr,
    Jeff Meckley, Tony Hoffman, Billy Feeser, Steve Toggas, Neil Seidenstricker, Dean Coffman,
    Mike Gable, Billy Randt, Tom Toggas, Ken Smyser, Troy Finkenbiner, Trevor Clark, Paul Smith,

    James Haas, Kevin McCleary, Cletus Gentzler, Scott Callahan, Jon Shorts, Jack Deal, Kyle Narber,
    Bruce Stambaugh, Robert King, Justin Wilkins, Dave Heckard, Glenn Eby, Russ Aldinger, Joe Bahn,
    Dave Stram, Steve Young, Lynn Harbold, Don Narber, Todd Lehman, Guy Boyer, Vince Sutton,
    Herb Schmidt, Fred R. Lehman, Matt Fink, Mike Stambaugh, Jeff Wolfe, Nate Sheridan, Burt Lally,
    Wilmer Pressel, Chad Gardner, Keith Peterson, Randy Blasdell, Don Lehman, Ron Emenheiser,
    John Reiber, Chip Gerhart, Jacob Gemmill, John Sprenkle, Eric Lehman, Gary Narber, Carolyn Tritt,
    Ted Schaeffer, Perry Tallman
, Chris Gailey, John T. Toggas, Charles Richards, Bob Brown,
    Dr. Ken Ober, The Mat Maids, Raymond Troxell, Paul C. McCleary, Sam Toggas, Whedon Myers,
    Robert Bowers, Neil Everhart, Norman Callahan, Fred Callahan, George Kessler, Tom Delong
    William "Bill" Aldinger, Chip Fissel, Garrett Stauffer, Noah Townsley, Sam Sterner, Ryan Narber,
    Mary Jane Toggas, Joey Bahn, Frank Veloce.

    www.westyorkwrestlingalumni.com Hall-of-Fame

    Did you know that WY's Leon Senft and Bob Brown were teammates @ Millersville State College?

West York is #5 All-Time in District III Mat Champs w/49


West York Wrestling's

York/YCIAA/YAIAA League/Divisions
"Our 10 Championship Teams"

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1962-63 1963-64 1964-65 1971-72 1974-75
1976-77 1977-78 1991-92 1993-94 1998-99
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1965 PIAA State Champion
Dana Luckenbaugh

West York's and ... York, PA's 1st PIAA State Wrestling Champion!
∙ Dana had 3 different coaches from 10th grade through his senior year!

(Click on each photo to see a profile of the above West York Wrestling Alumni)

∙ West York's 4-time Section Champ and undefeated in career dual meets...
Dr. Glenn A. Amsbaugh

"Once you've wrestled, everything else in life is easy!"
Dan Gable

West York Wrestling



▪ ▪ ▪ ▪ ▪ ▪ ▪ ▪ ▪ ▪ ▪ ▪ ▪ ▪ ▪ ▪ ▪ ▪ ▪ ▪ ▪ ▪ ▪ ▪ ▪ ▪

▪ WY's Donald Gohn...
was the first West York Wrestler to win a match
(in 1934) with a fall in 25 seconds


       The History of York, PA's Area Sports Leagues
           ▪ 1961-62 to 1990-91:  York County Interscholastic Athletic Association (YCIAA)
           ▪ 1991-92 to 2003-04:  York Area Interscholastic Athletic Association (YAIAA)
           ▪ 2004-05 to 2016-17:  York-Adams Interscholastic Athletic Association (YAIAA)

                                                ▪ THE HISTORICAL ORIGINS OF WRESTLING




         York, PA's PWCA Hall of Fame Inductees (13)
                                     ▪ Charles "Chuck" Richards (West York) 1976
                                     ▪ John T. Toggas (West York/Biglerville) 1992
                                     ▪ Bill Bence (Dallastown) 1993
                                     ▪ Dr. D. Kenneth Ober (West York/Elizabethtown College) 1994
                                     ▪ Terry Conover (Hanover) 1996
                                     ▪ Shaun Smith (Dover/Del Val) 2003
                                     ▪ Joey Wildasin (South Western/GCCC/OSU) 2004
                                     ▪ Tony Koontz (Delone Catholic/N. Iowa) 2011
                                     ▪ Brad Lloyd (Red Lion/LHU) 2013
                                     ▪ Charlie Jacobs (Dover) 2015
                                     ▪ Bill Luckenbaugh (West York/East Stroudsburg State) 2016
                                     ▪ Bob Gano (Delone/Biglerville) 2017
                                     ▪ Mark Banks (Y. Suburban/York Tech/W. Virginia) 2018

PWCA HALL OF FAME (1970-2018)

                  * 2009 interview w/3-time NCAA All-American & 2015 PWCA HOF - Jon Trenge

                                 West York HS's Bill Luckenbaugh... (front row - far right sitting)
                                      2016 photo by the great... Tom Elling of PA Wrestling News

                                          Dr. Ken Ober & John T. Toggas are in the
                                           National Wrestling Hall of Fame



the 1st year of
West York Wrestling's

Coach Charles C. Richards, Jr.

Coach Chuck Richards (138-111-7)
 West York's 1st Wrestling Coach... 1934-56

        West York Coach Charles "Chuck" Richards graduated from Erie Academy, Erie PA in 1929
     and entered F&M College in Lancaster, PA graduating in 1934 with a B.A. in History.

West York's 1st Wrestling Coach, Charles "Chuck" Richards...
     began his teaching career at West York Area Senior High School in September of 1934.

        Chuck Richards was West York's first head coach and was a pioneer in York County Wrestling! 
     1934-35 West York team names included - McDonald, Dubbs, Sheffer, Sitz, Buchanan, Gohn, King,
     Whitmore, Brokenshire, Silar, Wilhide, Gentzler, Sheffer, Desenburgh, and wrestling manager Poff. 
     West York High School wrestled 8 dual meets that year against the likes of Gettysburg Freshmen,
     Manheim, F&M Frosh, Atlas, Patton Trade & Navy Plebes.  West York finished with a record of 4-4.

     ▪  The 1st West York dual meet was against Gettysburg College Freshmen - held on 1/19/1935.
West York Area High School lost that first wrestling dual meet 35-5.
     But, the long and proud West York Wrestling tradition had its beginning!

     ▪  The first West York Wrestling Team included wrestlers in grades seven through twelve!
     From 1934-54, Richards' high school wrestlers won 111 individual titles.  His teams won 72%
     of their wrestling matches.  Coach Richards had nine wrestlers that went on to coaching
     careers:  H. Leon Senft, Herb Schmidt, Udell Seitz, Johnny Swartz, Edward Bupp, Nevin Hake,
     Dean Harbold, Ronald Myers and Eugene Brady.

        Coach Richards' wrestling history was not very long.  He wrestled intramurals at Erie Academy.
     At F&M, he wrestled Hwt., having to lose weight before each match to make the weight limit.
     The F&M Head Coach at that time was Charles Mayser... F&M was National Champion in the 30's!

        Coach Richards also started the football program at West York, organized a boys and girls track
     program, coached the basketball team for one year, and coached a West York girls fencing team.
     Richards' WY Football Teams won 69% of their games during his 18 seasons.  Coach Richards
     headed up the school's track program for 24 years.  He retired from teaching @ West York in 1975.

     ▪  Charles "Chuck" Richards is in the York Area, District III and PWCA PA Wrestling Halls of Fames.

     ▪  Coach Chuck Richards left the WY coaching duties at the end of the 1955-56 season.


www.westyorkwrestlingalumni.com history

                          EARLY WEST YORK DUAL MEET HISTORY
       Looking Back @ West York Wrestling History...
       77 Years ago!

           submitted by John Stare, WY '67
      ∙ 1939-40 West York Wrestling Results (8-3-1)
       F&M 23 West York 13, West York 34 Waynesboro 8,
       Hershey 21 West York 19, West York 43 Lancaster 3,
       West York 25 Patton Trade 19, West York 43 Lebanon 3,
       Hanover 23 West York 21, West York 19 Steelton 19,
       West York 34 Waynesboro 10, West York 33 Manheim 11,
       West York 30 Tome, MD 8, West York 30 Patton Trade 10.


       Looking Back @ West York Wrestling History...
       81 Years ago!

           submitted by John Stare, WY '67
       ∙ 1935-36 West York Wrestling Results (7-6)
       ∙ 1936 PIAA District Champions (PIAA 3rd District Team Meet)
        WRESTLING...  a sport recently introduced in the borough schools through the efforts of
    Coach Chuck C. Richards and the athletic council, gained in popularity during the present
    school year.  The meets were well attended and the fans were treated to many exciting
    bouts on a strenuous schedule.  The grapplers started out by defeating Patton Trade and
    then dropped meets to Shamokin, Mt. Carmel, Franklin & Marshall Academy & Mercersburg
    Academy jayvees.  Shaking off their jinx, they won four decisions by upsetting Franklin &
    Marshall Academy in a return match, Gettysburg College freshmen and Manheim in two
    meets.  Invading Gettysburg for a return engagement, West York suffered its fifth reverse.
        Following this meet they journeyed to Harrisburg to defeat the Harrisburg Academy matmen
    and enter the P.I.A.A. 3rd district meet.  The crowning feature of the year was the winning of
    this meet in competition with strong opponents from Manheim, Hershey and Steelton.  After
    the strenuous activities at Harrisburg, the local boys defeated Patton Trade by a score of 19-11.
    In the second match with Mt. Carmel, West York bowed before a powerful attack. 
These activities
established a record of seven victories, six defeats and a district championship.
        ▪ 1935-36 dual meet scores:  WY 24 Patton Trade 13, Shamokin 38 WY 10, Mt. Carmel 35 WY 0,
     Mercersburg Academy 30 WY 5, F&M Academy 24 WY 13, WY 18 F&M Academy 14,
     WY 20 Gettysburg Frosh 16, WY 18 1/2 Manheim 9 1/2, WY 23 Manheim 9, Gettysburg Frosh 26
     WY 3, WY 33 Harrisburg Academy 0, WY 19 Patton Trade 11, Mt. Carmel 29 WY 0.

www.westyorkwrestlingalumni.com history

                        Looking back @ a 1963 Dover-West York Match-up!!!
Coaches... Leon Senft (Dover) & Bob Brown (West York)
              Some WY names... Wayne Hassler, Ed Wilt, Stanley Wright, Roger Dierdorff, Tom Trone,
              Millard Horton, Terry Sheffer...both schools were undefeated going into the WY/DO match!


www.westyorkwrestlingalumni.com history

                          EARLY WEST YORK WRESTLING HISTORY
           Looking Back @ West York Wrestling History...


1960-61 West York Season Outlook...
      The West York Bulldogs, coached by Robert Brown, will travel to Biglerville for the opening
   league match with the Canners, coached by former Yorker John Toggas.
      West York's 18-man varsity squad includes three seniors, nine juniors and six sophomores.
   Injuries to two juniors, Larry Knipple and Barry Anderson, have hampered the team workouts
   thus far and most of the Bulldogs will be wrestling one weight up tonight.
      Coach Brown expects to use these grapplers:  95, Ed Wilt, junior; 103, James Young, soph.; 112,
   Rodney Clements, senior; 120, Glenn Amsbaugh, soph.; 127, James Hoover, senior; 133, Rod
   Dierdorff, junior; 145, Doug Baublitz, senior; 154, Millard Horton, junior; 165, Ken Becker, junior;
   180, Terry Sheffer, junior; and unlimited, Tim Seitz, junior.

 West York also has a junior high program with Kenneth Ober as coach.  The Junior Bulldogs will
   have seven matches this season.



Click Here for the 1946-47 & 1947-48 Page
&... Here! for the 1948-49 WYW Team Page!!
WY robe photo submitted by K.C McCleary & Pat McCleary

www.westyorkwrestlingalumni.com history
West York Wrestling's
Coaching History...
"The farther backward you can look, the
farther forward you are likely to see!"

Winston Churchill, Prime Minister of Britain

                           West York Wrestling's
                                      Coaching History
      "Striving for Excellence - not Mediocrity!"

      ▪ 1934-44 (Richards - 10 seasons '34-'44)
   Chuck C. Richards
(Career Record 88-21-4)
   (31 PIAA State Qualifiers)
   started the West York Wrestling Program... PWCA PA Wrestling HOF.
    1976 District III Hall of Fame - & a 1936 District Team Championship.

      ▪ 1944-45 (Smith - 1 season '44-'45)
Reverend Clark S. Smith
(Career Record 8-3)
   was West York Wrestling head coach... w/two PIAA Qualifiers).

      ▪ 1945-56 (Richards/Kocher - 11 seasons '45-'56)
   Chuck C. Richards/Don Kocher (Career Record 50-89-3)

      ▪ 1956-63 (Brown - 7 seasons '56-'63)
Robert L. Brown
(Career Record 46-21-2)
   coached West York Wrestling...
   WY won the '62-'63 YCIAA League Title under Coach Bob Brown!
     Robert Brown & Dr. Ken Ober co-wrote a book...
     The Complete Book of High School Wrestling.

      1963-64 (Ober - 1 season '63-'64)
Dr. D. Kenneth Ober (Career Record 12-2)
   coached West York Wrestling for one year...
   WY won the '63-'64 YCIAA and Section II Titles under Coach Ken Ober!
   (West York Head Wrestling Coach, Dr. Ken Ober of West Chester State)
   Dr. Ober won 2 PSAC Wrestling Individual Championships in
1954 & 1955).
   ▪ Inducted into National Wrestling Hall of Fame '94 PWCA - 1994
     Elizabethtown College Coach for 25 years NCAA DIII Hall of Fame '94.

      1964-91 (Toggas - 25 seasons '64-'83 & '85-'91)
John T. Toggas (Career Record 269-78-2)
   was head wrestling coach - West York...  .  5 YCIAA titles.
   (30 combined years
(307-110-4) @ Biglerville and West York HS's)
   ▪ Inducted into National Wrestling Hall of Fame 1999.  PWCA PA Hall - 1992.
    1964-65 (L-R) Bob Bowers & John T. Toggas (16 PIAA Qualifiers).

     During the John T. Toggas era,
a short time (2 seasons) during...
a sabbatical in the mid-eighties,
   the head wrestling coach at West York High School was Kevin McCleary.

      ▪ 1983-85 (McCleary - 2 seasons '83-'85)
   Kevin McCleary (Career Record 19-16-1)
   w/2 PIAA State Qualifiers.

      ▪ 1991-97 (Luckenbaugh - 6 seasons '91-'97)
Bill Luckenbaugh (Career Record 76-23)
   w/14 PIAA State Qualifiers (2 championships & 1 District Team 2nd place).
   1994 District III Coach of the Year.
   ▪ Bill Luckenbaugh (West York/East Stroudsburg State) PWCA HOF 2016.

      ▪ 1997-03 (Fissel - 6 seasons '98-'03)
"Chip" Fissel (Career Record 24-64-2)
   w/11 PIAA State Qualifiers (1 championship).

      ▪ 2003-04 (Jones - 1 season '03-'04)
Jeremy Jones (Career Record 1-17)
   w/one Section Champ).

      ▪ 2004-06 (Meckley - 2 seasons '04-'06)
Jeff Meckley (Career Record 4-28)

      ▪ 2006-07 (Millard - 1 season '06-'07)
Josh Millard (Career Record 7-16)

"Current WY Mat Coach"
      2007-22 (Gross - 15 seasons '07-'22)
   Brian Gross (Career Record 96-154)
   ∙ Current West York Head Coach - Brian Gross...
(96-154) per his first "fifteen" mat seasons (2007-2022) with
   two Sectional Champions (Billy Randt & Garrett Stauffer)...
   & three PIAA State Qualifiers (Billy Randt (6th), Kyle Narber & Garrett Stauffer).

          ∙ 2007-08 (3-13)
          ∙ 2008-09 (1-13)
          ∙ 2009-10 (3-8)
          ∙ 2010-11 (2-14)
          ∙ 2011-12 (9-6)
          ∙ 2012-13 (10-9)
          ∙ 2013-14 (10-10)
          ∙ 2014-15 (11-8)
          ∙ 2015-16 (6-14)
          ∙ 2016-17 (7-12)
          ∙ 2017-18 (6-10)
          ∙ 2018-19 (9-9)
          ∙ 2019-20 (6-13)
          ∙ 2020-21 (6-7)
          ∙ 2021-22 (7-8)

www.westyorkwrestlingalumni.com history

West York Wrestling
"Coaching Win/Loss History"
-534-14 (1934-2022)
Year(s) - Coach - Career Coaching Record - %
   ▪ 1934-44 - Chuck C. Richards▪            88-21-4 (.779 win %)
   ▪ 1944-45 - Reverend Clark S. Smith           8-3 (.727 win %)
   1945-56 - C. Richards/Don Kocher   50-89-3 (.352 win %)
   ▪ 1956-63 - Robert L. Brown                46-21-2 (.667 win %)
   ▪ 1963-64 - Dr. D. Kenneth Ober▪              12-2 (.857 win %)
   1964-83/'85-'91 John T. Toggas  269-78-2* (.770 win %)
   1983-85 - Kevin McCleary                  19-16-1 (.528 win %)
   1991-97 - Bill Luckenbaugh                  76-23 (.768 win %)
   1997-03 - "Chip" Fissel                      24-64-2 (.267 win %)
   ▪ 2003-04 - Jeremy Jones                           1-17 (.056 win %)
   ▪ 2004-06 - Jeff Meckley                              4-28 (.125 win %)
   ▪ 2006-07 - Josh Millard                              7-16 (.304 win %)
   ▪ 2007-22 - Brian Gross                           96-154 (.384 win %)

John Toggas @ Biglerville 38-32-2 (overall 307-110-4).
Ober & Toggas are in the National Wrestling Hall of Fame.
Richards, Toggas, Ober & Luckenbaugh are in the...
   PWCA Hall of Fame.


"Leadership, like WRESTLING, cannot be
learned by reading about it!"

WY Coaching History Page

1963-64 West York JH Wrestling

              1963-64 West York Junior High School
York League Wrestling Championship Team

   ▪ Front (L-R)  Bill Luckenbaugh, Steve Smith, Ed Spangler, Jeff Linebaugh.
   ▪ Back (L-R)  Coach Bob Bowers, Steve Kunkle, Dan Druck, Don Narber,
                           Ronald Emenheiser, Coach Whedon Myers.

www.westyorkwrestlingalumni.com history

              Spring Grove & West York Share Title!
              1965 February...York Dispatch Article

The York County Interscholastic Wrestling League 1964-65 season ended last night with Spring Grove and West York both winning to complete their schedules tied for first place.

Since playoff matches are banned by the league the two will be named co-champions.  Last year (1963-64) West York won the title outright but was upset by South Western this season after beating Spring Grove which won all its other contests.  West York won nine of the twelve bouts to whip Hanover 33-13 before a large turnout at the West York gym last night.  (February 1965)

   95lbs. - Jeff Linebaugh (WY) pinned Ed Orewiler (H) 2:27.
 103lbs. - Gary Carbaugh (WY) dec. Jay Garrett (H) 5-3.
 112lbs. - Dana Luckenbaugh (WY) pinned Gary Stottlemyer 2:21.
 120lbs. - Darryl Dennis (WY) dec. Gary Wentz (H) 7-3.
 127lbs. - Rich Maus (H) pinned Burton Snyder (WY) 5:30.
 133lbs. - Steve Kunkle (WY) dec. John Dubs (H) 7-2.
 138lbs. - Tom DeLong (WY) dec. Rodney Naugle (H) 11-7.
 145lbs. - Don Abel (H) dec. Jack Hershberger (WY) 4-0.
 154lbs. - Don Narber (WY) dec. Dave Gass (H) 8-0.
 165lbs. - Brian Cashman (H) pinned Glenn Billet (WY) 4:57.
 180lbs. - Charles Bostic (WY) pinned Bill Zacharias (H) 3:55.
   Unl. - Gary Narber (WY) dec. Don Lau (H) 6-0.

                                                           @ West York High School
                                                        ▪ ▪ ▪ ▪ ▪ ▪ ▪ ▪ ▪ ▪ ▪ ▪ ▪ ▪ ▪ ▪ ▪

    1964 York County Section II Champions @ West York HS
   95lbs. - Fred Bankert (South Western), 103lbs. - Dave Leaman (Central York),
 112lbs. -
Dana Luckenbaugh (West York), 120lbs. - Darryl Dennis (West York),
 127lbs. - Stanley Wright (West York), 133lbs. - Paul Wunch (York High),
 138lbs. - Jack Brenner (York High), 145lbs. - Brad Sager (South Western),
 154lbs. - Jack Klingaman (York High), 165lbs. - Robert Washington (York High),
 180lbs. -
Gary Narber (West York), Hwt. - Don Fishel (South Western).
              West York HS Coach - Ken Ober  Sec. II Team Champions - West York
                                     YCIAA League Champions - West York (11-0)
                                            ▪ ▪ ▪ ▪ ▪ ▪ ▪ ▪ ▪ ▪ ▪ ▪ ▪ ▪ ▪ ▪ ▪
    1963 York County Section II Champions @ Dallastown HS
   95lbs. - Dave Bricker (Spring Grove), 103lbs. -
Dana Luckenbaugh (West York),
 112lbs. - Duane Raber (Dover), 120lbs. - Eugene Lecrone (Dover),
 127lbs. - Jim Schaeffer (York High), 133lbs. - Glenn Amsbaugh (West York),
 138lbs. - Keith Trout (Central), 145lbs. - Jack Klingaman (York High),
 154lbs. - Robert Washington (York High), 165lbs. - Larry Himes (York High),
 180lbs. - Joe Raab (Dallastown), Hwt. - John Lippy (South Western).
            West York HS Coach - Bob Brown  YCIAA League Co-Champions (10-1)

    1963 WY Junior High Invitational Champions @ - WYAHS
   72lbs. - Dave Sileo (Northern), 80lbs. - Tom Murray (Northern),
   88lbs. - Fred Callahan (West York), 95lbs. - Tom Hoover (West York),
 103lbs. - Jeff Carley (West York), 112lbs. - Ron Harlacker (Dover),
 120lbs. - Robert Myers (Northern), 127lbs. - Jack Hershberger (West York),
 133lbs. - Jay Bollinger (Dover), 138lbs. - Tim Bubb (Dover),
 145lbs. - Vernon Vandervender (Northern), 154lbs. -Jim Rider (Dover),

 165lbs. - Richard Hartman (Eastern).  JH Tourney Director - D. Kenneth Ober.


                   Chad Luckenbaugh - 126
                   Vincent "Wade" Ginter - 118
                   Mark Buelow - 105
                   Jeff Wolfe - 101

                   Garrett Stauffer - 100

1969 West York Elementary Tournament Champions
Front Kneeling
(L-R) Ricky LoBianco, Greg Thomas, Dane Fickes,
William "Butch" Ludwig & Jeff Meckley.
(L-R) Jim Atland, Scott Miller, Bob Lehman &
Bob Mummert.

1964-65 West York Wrestling

▪ Click on the... West York Coaching History Page

1978-79 West York Wrestling

1978-79 West York Wrestling Coaching Staff
(L-R) Asst. Don Lehman, Head Coach John Toggas, Asst. John Sprenkle.

1969 West York Junior High Invitational Tournament

John T. Toggas Photo - 1973
The late John T. Toggas (307-110-4)
Former head wrestling coach @ Biglerville & West York Schools,
inducted into the - National Wrestling Hall of Fame for his
"Lifetime Service To Wrestling"

www.westyorkwrestlingalumni.com history

"Success is not measured by what one brings,
rather... by what one leaves"


                        WEST YORK WRESTLING
                   Dana Luckenbaugh, Fred Lehman, Jeff Linebaugh, Ronald Emenheiser,
                   Glenn Amsbaugh, Stanley Wright, Gary Narber, Darryl Dennis, Raymond Troxell,
                   Keith Clark, Glen Eby, Jack Kunkle, John Sprenkle, Larry Haas, John Bowser,
                   Bill Luckenbaugh, Brian Kuntz, Guy Boyer, Jim Haas, Paul Mulay, Keith Lichty,
                   Scott Callahan, Neil Bupp, Mike Stambaugh, Mark Jenkins, Don Lehman,
                   Kevin McCleary, Todd Reynolds, Rod Stough, Randy Blasdell, Tom Hoover,
Coach John T. Toggas, Steve Toggas, David Maday, Jason Turnbull, Billy Randt,
                   Fred & Dr. Matt Callahan, Eric Lehman, Todd Lehman, Mathias Smyser,
Tom Toggas, Jeff Wolfe, John Reiber, Bruce Stambaugh, Tom Hoover,
                   Wilmer Pressel, Perry Tallman, KC McCleary, Justin Wilkins, Dave Heckard.


www.westyorkwrestlingalumni.com history

                                                                  The 1st...
 PIAA State Wrestling Championship
                                            was held on:
                                     March 18-19, 1938

                           @ Penn State's Recreation Hall
                                                   (78 competitors from 27 schools)
     ▪ 7 minute matches - 1st period (2 minutes) 2nd and 3rd periods (2 1/2 minutes) 
                PA's 1st PIAA State Wrestling Champions in 1938:
          85lbs. - Sam Harry  (Clearfield), 95lbs. - George Custer  (Canonsburg),
        105lbs. - Sheridan Bannan  (Clearfield), 115lbs. - Roland Scandle  (Shamokin),
        125lbs. - Joe Quethera  (Clearfield), 135lbs. - John Metzler  (Greensburg),
        145lbs. - Harold Welker  (Shamokin), 155lbs. - Dick DiBattista  (Lower Merion),
        165lbs. - Dick Brenneman  (Pottsville), 185lbs. - Phil Ahwesh  (Canonsburg).


www.westyorkwrestlingalumni.com history

                   Some PIAA State Wrestling Facts!!
      ▪ 1938 - Cletus Gentzler of West York High School...
wrestled in the very 1st PIAA State Tournament... finishing 2nd!

      ▪ 1945 - Robert Miller of Lancaster...
was District III's
1st PIAA State Wrestling Champion

      ▪ 1965 - Dana Luckenbaugh of West York High School...
was York, PA's
1st PIAA State Wrestling Champion!

      ▪ 1969 - West York, with 2 PIAA Champions,
2nd in the quest for the "mythical" State Team points title with 36.5 points.
Easton had 42.5 points for the "mythical" 1969 State Team Mat Title.

      ▪ 1969 was the 1st year a PIAA "Coach of the Year" was awarded.
   Bob Zarbatany of Easton High School awarded the 1969 PIAA Coach of the Year title.

      ▪ 1973 marked the 1st year the PIAA State Tourney included champions & runners-up
   from the four Regional Tourneys and expanded from 48 to 96 total competitors.
      One extra day was needed...
   as the 1973 PIAA State Tournament had 8 competitors per weight class.
   1973 PIAA State Championships awarded 1st, 2nd, 3rd & 4th places for the 1st time.

      ▪ 1973 was the last year for a "ONE" enrollment competition class
ALL schools in Pennsylvania.

      ▪ 1974 marked the 1st year...
   that 2 tournament classes "determined by enrollment" was used.  Also,
   the weight classes were expanded from 8 to 16 competitors.
   The PIAA used Class "A" and Class "B" for the 1974 classifications.
   The Regional Tourneys were also expanded from 4 areas from 5 areas.
   "Riding Time" was also eliminated in 1974!

      ▪ 1976 marked the 1st year of...
"official" team scoring in the PIAA State Wrestling Tournament.


  PA District III's 1st PIAA State Wrestling Champion
was Robert Miller of Lancaster in 1945 @ 120lbs.!

              West York Wrestling's
       Sectional Photos & Results (Section Years)
  60, 62, 65, 66, 68, 69, 70, 71, 72, 73, 77, 78, 79, 80, 81,
  82, 83, 84, 85, 91, 91, 96, 02, 03, 04, 05, 06, 09, 10, 12, 13.

          ▪ District III Champions -
          ▪ Regional Champions -

              ▪ Dover, PA Head Coach - H. Leon Senft (left),
   Asst. Coach Ed Strayer (middle) and Asst. Coach Charles "Charlie" Jacobs (right).
   Dover's H. Leon Senft is accepting a remembrance for his coaching retirement!
       H. Leon Senft, a 1949 West York High School graduate... was a 1948 &
   1949 District III Wrestling Champion for West York Area... and wrestled
   for Charles "Chuck" Richards - the 1st coach of West York Area HS Wrestling!
       Charlie Jacobs was a YCIAA 1964 District III Sectional Wrestling Champion
   for Dover High School and Coach Leon Senft.

         West York High School has produced
     78 PIAA State Mat Qualifiers since 1938!

         West York's PIAA All-State Wrestlers/Qualifiers:
                                           CLICK HERE!
     ▪ WY's PIAA State Champions - CLICK HERE!

                         The YCIAA-YAIAA
             PIAA State Wrestling Champions
                           Honor Roll Page!

                                            CLICK HERE!


West York's John Sprenkle
1969 PIAA State Wrestling Champion

'69 PIAA State Wrestling Championship Finals @ Hwt.
▪ West York's John Sprenkle (top-right) & Wilkes Barre-G.A.R.'s Joel Kislin in
 the '69 PIAA finals. John gains a fall in 5:12 to win the '69 PA State Mat Title.

www.westyorkwrestlingalumni.com history

                        WEST YORK WRESTLING
               A "Little" West York District III & SE Regional History
                                              by Lewistown's NWCA HOF'er, Bob Hower
Did You Know??...
      ▪ In 1951, in addition to the 4 District III Champions West York had with David Miller,
   Robert Schazberger, Paul Smith and Russell Aldinger - West York had 2 District III
   runners-up wrestlers in George Kessler and Lynn Harbold.  Schazberger and Smith
   went on to win the '51 Southeastern Regional Wrestling Championship (both by fall),
   while Miller and Aldinger finished 2nd!  At the '51 SE Regionals, West York's Schazberger
   pinned Haverford's Gordon Hutton in 2:50 - and West York's Smith pinned Upper
   Darby's Dave Chambers in 5:03 to claim their titles.  West York's Kessler and Harbold
   also finished 4th at the '51 SE Regional Tournament.

      ▪ In 1952, West York had 1 District III Wrestling Champion in Donald Becker, and had
   4 runners-ups in Lester Boyer, Larry Bahn, Bill Knerr and Paul Smith.  Becker placed
   second at the '52 Southeastern Regional Tournament, losing to Cheltenhams' John
   McHugh, 9-1.  Boyer and Bahn finished 3rd at the Southeastern Regionals.  Knerr
   and Smith finished in 4th place for West York at the Southeastern Regionals!

      ▪ In 1953, West York had 2 District III runners-ups in Bill Forry and Burt Lally.  Forry
   went on to finish 3rd at the Southeastern Regionals!

      ▪ In 1962, West York had Ted Shaeffer (180lbs.) finish 2nd at the District III Wrestling
   Championships and Shaeffer went on to finish 3rd at the Southeastern Championships!

      ▪ West York's next District III place-winner was in 1964, as Dana Luckenbaugh finished
   2nd at 112lbs. with Dr. Kenneth Ober as his coach.  D. Luckenbaugh went on to finish 3rd
   at the 1964 Southeastern Regionals.  Dana Luckenbaugh went on to claim the 1965 DIII and
   SE Regional titles... and the '65 PIAA title.  The next District III place-winner was in 1967 with
   West York's Don Narber finishing 2nd at 180lbs.  Narber went on to finish 3rd at the 1967

   Southeastern Regional Championships.  West York's next place-winner at the District III
   Championships was in 1968, as 120lb. Bill Luckenbaugh claimed both the District III
   title... and the 1968 Southeastern Regional title with an 8-2 decision over Ridley's Fred
   Zinck at the Harrisburg, PA Farm Show Arena on 3/1/68.

                  ▪ The 1951 & 1952 SE Regional Championship Results

                               *All SE Regional stats contributed by Lewistown's Bob Hower.

                       ▪ District III & Regional Wrestling Champion Photos can be found in our Gallery.

           In 1936 - West York won the PIAA District III Team Wrestling Championship!

           In 1994 - West York lost to Hanover HS in the PIAA District III...
 AA Team Wrestling Championship Finals, by a score of 38-13.

                          NCAA DI Champions from Pennsylvania

www.westyorkwrestlingalumni.com history

West York Wrestling's

PIAA State Medalists

West York's 1969 PIAA 127lb. State Champion
Bill Luckenbaugh

"Remember, when you see a man at the top of the mountain,
he didn't fall there!"

                  WEST YORK WRESTLING
               9 PIAA State Championship Finalists
                                      1938 PIAA State Finals
                              ▪ Dick DiBattista (Lower Merion) dec. Cletus Gentzler (West York).
                                      1940 PIAA State Finals
Tom Waters (Forty Fort) dec. Ken Smyser (West York).
                                      1941 PIAA State Finals
Jim Mohney (Clearfield) dec. John Bowser (West York) (6-6) 2-0 (ot).
                                      1947 PIAA State Finals
Frank Rich (Lock Haven) dec. Bob King (West York) 2-0.
                                      1965 PIAA State Finals
Dana Luckenbaugh (West York) dec. Bill Welker (Shamokin) 4-3.
                                      1968 PIAA State Finals
Norm Palovcsik (Clearfield) dec. Bill Luckenbaugh (West York) 11-8.
                                      1969 PIAA State Finals
Bill Luckenbaugh (West York) dec. Bob Pratt (Easton) 8-2.
                                      1969 PIAA State Finals
John Sprenkle (West York) pinned Joel Kislin (Wilkes Barre GAR) 5:12.
                                      1975 PIAA State Finals
John Eichenlaub (Lock Haven) pinned Jeff Meckley (West York) 3:24.

                  WEST YORK WRESTLING
               8 PIAA State Championship Medalists
                                       1985 PIAA 5th/6th AAA
Kevin Benton (Easton) dec. Wilmer Pressel (West York) 15-3.
                                       1992 PIAA 5th/6th AA
Jeff Wolfe (West York) pinned Ben Corbin (Fairview) 4:23.
                                       1994 PIAA 5th/6th AA
Matt Sprenkle (West York) dec. Jamie Canaday (Oxford) 3-1.
                                       1995 PIAA 5th/6th AA
Rob English (West Branch) forfeit over Chad Luckenbaugh (West York).
                                       1996 PIAA 5th/6th AA
Randy Mort (Bethlehem Center) dec. Chad Luckenbaugh (West York) 9-4.
                                       1997 PIAA 5th/6th AA
Chad Luckenbaugh (West York) dec. Royce Eyer (Hughesville) 5-4.
                                       1999 PIAA 5th/6th AA
Todd Platts (West York) dec. Chris White (Schuylkill Valley) 6-1.
                                       2010 PIAA 5th/6th AAA
Andy Candiello (North Allegheny) pinned Billy Randt (West York) 1:33.

WY's 78 PIAA Wrestling All-State Qualifiers
(updated as of 2020-21 season)

Year Weight (lbs.) West York PIAA Qualifier
(PIAA Place)
PIAA Qualifier's
West York Coach
1938 125   Roy Bowser Chuck Richards
1938 155   Cletus Gentzler (2nd) Chuck Richards
1938 165   Richard Shaffer Chuck Richards
1938 185   Keith Peterson Chuck Richards
1940 85   John Bowser Chuck Richards
1940 145   Ken Smyser (2nd) Chuck Richards
1940 125   Roy Bowser Chuck Richards
1940 185   John Emig Chuck Richards
1941 85   John Bowser (2nd) Chuck Richards
1941 155   John Walter Chuck Richards
1942 95   Bob Brown Chuck Richards
1942 103   Carl Bowser Chuck Richards
1942 112   John Bowser Chuck Richards
1942 138   Dean Coffman Chuck Richards
1943 95   Eugene Brady Chuck Richards
1943 112   Bob Brown Chuck Richards
1943 120   Carl Bowser Chuck Richards
1944 95   John Loose Chuck Richards
1944 103   Eugene Brady Chuck Richards
1944 120   Carl Bowser Chuck Richards
1944 145   Alvin Wildasin Chuck Richards
1944 154   Jack Deal Chuck Richards
1945 133   Bob Brown Clark S. Smith
1945 138   Charles Craumer Clark S. Smith
1946 103   Herb Marley Richards/Kocher
1946 154   Bob King Richards/Kocher
1947 165   Bob King (2nd) Richards/Kocher
1948 112   Leon Senft Richards/Kocher
1948 120   Herb Marley Richards/Kocher
1948 165   Herb Schmidt Richards/Kocher
1949 120   Leon Senft Richards/Kocher
1951 145   Paul Smith Richards/Kocher
1951 138   Robert Schaszberger Richards/Kocher
1965 112   Dana Luckenbaugh (1st) John T. Toggas
1968 120   Bill Luckenbaugh (2nd) John T. Toggas
1969 127   Bill Luckenbaugh (1st) John T. Toggas
1969 Hwt.   John Sprenkle (1st) John T. Toggas
1972 180   Mike Stambaugh John T. Toggas
1974 132   Jeff Meckley John T. Toggas
1975 138   Jeff Meckley (2nd) John T. Toggas
1976 105   Bill Pope John T. Toggas
1977 112   Ken Shorts John T. Toggas
1978 112   Ken Shorts John T. Toggas
1981 138   Tom Toggas John T. Toggas
1982 126   Brendt Gladfelter John T. Toggas
1983 132   Brendt Gladfelter John T. Toggas
1985 138   Tony Hoffman Kevin McCleary
1985 185   Wilmer Pressel (6th) Kevin McCleary
1989 103   Dave Maday John T. Toggas
1991 112   Dave Maday John T. Toggas
1991 135   Jason Turnbull John T. Toggas
1992 189   Jeff Wolfe (5th) Bill Luckenbaugh
1993 119   Matt Sprenkle Bill Luckenbaugh
1993 145   Trevor Clark Bill Luckenbaugh
1993 189   Jeff Wolfe Bill Luckenbaugh
1994 125   Matt Sprenkle (5th) Bill Luckenbaugh
1994 130   Mark Buelow Bill Luckenbaugh
1995 112   Chad Luckenbaugh (6th) Bill Luckenbaugh
1995 140   Billy Feeser Bill Luckenbaugh
1995 119   Brandon Luckenbaugh Bill Luckenbaugh
1995 Hwt.   Eric Lehman Bill Luckenbaugh
1996 130   Chad Luckenbaugh (6th) Bill Luckenbaugh
1996 135   Brandon Luckenbaugh Bill Luckenbaugh
1996 Hwt.   Eric Lehman Bill Luckenbaugh
1997 135   Chad Luckenbaugh (5th) Bill Luckenbaugh
1998 125   Todd Platts Chip Fissel
1998 160   Justin Wilkins Chip Fissel
1999 103   Wade Ginter Chip Fissel
1999 130   Todd Platts (5th) Chip Fissel
1999 135   Brock Mathison Chip Fissel
1999 171   Nate Sheridan Chip Fissel
2000 171   Nate Sheridan Chip Fissel
2001 112   Wade Ginter Chip Fissel
2001 189   Nate Sheridan Chip Fissel
2002 103   Eric Albright Chip Fissel
2003 112   Eric Albright Chip Fissel
2010 145   Billy Randt (6th) Brian Gross
2013 170   Kyle Narber Brian Gross
2015 152   Garrett Stauffer Brian Gross
* *   * *
   PIAA State Champs Page
   PIAA State Qualifier's Page
Staff Page

1965 PIAA State Wrestling Champions

     ▪ Front (L-R) Bob Hallman (North Penn), John Abajace (Trinity),
    Dana Luckenbaugh (West York), Phil Detore (Greensburg-Salem),
Barry Souder (Mt. Lebanon HS), Dan Kohlhepp (DuBois Area).
▪ Back (L-R) Francis Michael (GAR), Charles Houser (Dieruff),
Paul Armstrong (Steel-High), Mike Gudiness (Mt. Lebanon),
Joe Yerg (State College), Bob Funk (Manheim Township).

Larger Photo of 1965 PIAA State Champs (w/results)

1969 PIAA State Wrestling Champions

       ▪ Front (L-R) Tom Teagarden, McGuffey; Rich Panella, New Castle;
    Carl "Chico" Lutes, Easton;  Leslie Peterson, Canon-McMillan;
   Bill Luckenbaugh, West York; Dan Howard, Allentown Dieruff.
Back (L-R) Kevin Love, Carnegie; George Myers, Dallastown;
 Wade Schalles, Hollidaysburg; Robert Sacavage, Mt. Carmel;
Rodney Smith, Mt. Lebanon; John Sprenkle, West York.

Larger Photo of 1969 PIAA State Champs (w/results)


"Honor the Past, Celebrate the Present...
Look to the Future!"

PIAA State Wrestling Champions!
My YCIAA/YAIAA... State Honor Roll Page


WY's PIAA Qualifiers WY's PIAA State Medalist's WY's PIAA Champions


West York's Cletus Gentzler (155lbs.) wrestled in the finals of the very first
     PIAA State Wrestling Championship - losing by decision to Lower Merion's
     Dick DiBattista!  WY's Cletus Gentzler wrestled for Coach Chuck Richards.

               PIAA State Champions... 1938-1973
               PIAA State Champions... 1974-1999
               PIAA State Champions... 2000-2013

               PIAA State Mat Championships - 2011
               PIAA State Mat Championships - 2012 AA/AAA
               PIAA State Mat Championships - 2013 AA/AAA

               PIAA State Mat Championships - 2014 AA/AAA
               PIAA State Mat Championships - 2015 AA/AAA



West York Wrestling Records Page

www.westyorkwrestlingalumni.com history

1968-69 Wrestling USA Magazine All-Americans
June 20th issue 1968 - Volume 3  Number 12
Bill Luckenbaugh of West York, PA - 1st Team HS All-American! 
John Sprenkle of West York, PA - Hon. Mention HS All-American


1964-65 West York Wrestling Team

▪ 1964-65 YCIAA League Wrestling Champions
▪ 1965 YCIAA Sectional Team Champions

Front Knee (L-R)
Jeff Linebaugh, Gary Carbaugh, ▪▪ Dana Luckenbaugh,
 Darryl "Smokey" Dennis, Burton Snyder, Steve Kunkle, Tom DeLong.
▪ Back
(L-R) Head Coach John T. Toggas, Jack Hershberger, Don Narber,
Fred Lehman, Chuck Bostic, Gary Narber, William Wiehe.
▪▪ Dana Luckenbaugh
1965 PIAA State Wrestling Champion
    *Dana Luckenbaugh also was a 1965 YCIAA Sectional, District III
and Southeast Regional I Champion!

*1964, Dana was a District III Runner-up and Southeast Region
3rd place winner @ 112lbs.

*WY's Dana Luckenbaugh had "three" head coaches @ West York ...
Bob Brown ('62-'63) Dr. Ken Ober ('63-'64)
& John Toggas ('64-'65)

* 1964-65 was Coach John T. Toggas's 1st year at West York.

www.westyorkwrestlingalumni.com history

1969 YCIAA Sectional II Champions

1969 YCIAA Sectional II Mat Champions
Front (L-R) Mervin Keeney (DA), Bill Luckenbaugh (WY), Jim Keesee (DA),
Larry Haas (WY), Mike Anstadt (DA), Frank Vega (WY).
Back Row  (L-R) Don Adams (DA), George Myers (DA), Terry Myers (DA),
Frank Rice (DA), Richard Hartman (DA), John Sprenkle (WY).

@ West York (PA) Area High School Gym

There are 4 PIAA State Wrestling Champions...
in the above photo!!

York, PA
PIAA State Wrestling Champions...
"click on my PIAA State"
Honor Roll Page

www.westyorkwrestlingalumni.com history

1971-72 West York Championship Team

∙ Front (L-R) Steve Thomas, Paul Mulay, Skip Martin, Keith Lichty,
Kevin McCleary, Neil Bupp.
∙ Back  (L-R)  WY Coach John T. Toggas, Jim Haas, Barry Albright,
Scott Callahan, Barry King, Mike Stambaugh, Don Lehman.

The Championship Season

www.westyorkwrestlingalumni.com history

West York Wrestling's
4-Time Section Wrestling Champion...
Glenn Amsbaugh


The 1962 York County Sectional
Wrestling Champions

▪ Front (L-R) Remmey (Dover), Glenn Amsbaugh (West York),
   Stoner (Biglerville), Lecrone (Dover),
  Trout (Central), A. Miller (Biglerville).
▪ Back
(L-R) Eiserman (Hanover), R. Washington (York High),
     Stambaugh (Dover), Hess (Biglerville),
  Bigaman (Dover),
Brown (York High).
∙ West York's Dr. Glenn Amsbaugh was a 4-time Sectional Champion!

www.westyorkwrestlingalumni.com history

West York High School Wrestling's
"3-Time" YCIAA/YAIAA Sectional
Champions Club (6)

∙ 3-time YCIAA Sectional Champion - Kevin McCleary

West York Wrestling
3-Time Sectional
Sectional Title Years
West York HS
 Head Coach
     *Dana Luckenbaugh 1963, 1964, 1965 Brown, Ober, Toggas
     Bill Luckenbaugh 1967, 1968, 1969 John T. Toggas
     *Neil Bupp 1970, 1971, 1972 John T. Toggas
     Kevin McCleary 1971, 1972, 1973 John T. Toggas
     Donald Lehman 1971, 1972, 1973 John T. Toggas
     Chad Luckenbaugh 1994, 1995, 1997 Bill Luckenbaugh

*Neil Bupp's '70 YCIAA Section Championship was with Northeastern HS.
*Dana Luckenbaugh's '63 WY coach was - Bob Brown, in
'64 WY coach was - Dr. Ken Ober... & '65 WY coach was - JT Toggas.

The History
of York, PA's Area Sports Leagues

1961-62 to 1990-91:  York County Interscholastic Athletic Association (YCIAA)
1991-92 to 2003-04: The York Area Interscholastic Athletic Association (YAIAA)
  2004-05 to 2014-15: York-Adams Interscholastic Athletic Association (YAIAA)

www.westyorkwrestlingalumni.com history

1964-65 West York Wrestling
YCIAA League and Sectional Team Champions (
Front (L-R)
*Tom DeLong, *Darryl "Smokey" Dennis, *Dana Luckenbaugh,
*Gary Carbaugh, *Jeff Linebaugh.
Back (L-R) Coach John Toggas,
*Chuck Bostic, Don Narber, *Gary Narber.

www.westyorkwrestlingalumni.com history

West York Wrestling Tourney History...
Easton High School's Prestigious
"Pat Reilly" Wrestling Tournament
West York's Easton Tourney Recap
Click Here!

1972 - Easton High School
Holiday Tourney Champions

∙ Front  (L-R)  Greg Shoemaker, Easton HS; Greg Duke, Manheim Twp.;
Garth Springer, Manheim Twp.; Rich Rodriguez, Saucon Valley;
Curt Stanley, Easton HS; Len Kaminski, Hanover Area.
∙ Back Row (L-R)
Russ Snyder, Easton HS; Fred Landis, Manheim Twp.;
Kevin McCleary, West York (ow); Wayne Horton, Beth. Freedom;
Lee Guzzo, Easton HS; Don Lehman, West York (ow).


www.westyorkwrestlingalumni.com history

West York's Jeff Wolfe was a 3-time
 Governor Mifflin Holiday Tournament Champion!
▪ West York's Governor Mifflin Medalist's

www.westyorkwrestlingalumni.com history

Looking Back...43 Years Ago!
The West York Wrestling Booster Club of 1971-72
headed by Paul C. McCleary...

put together and executed a High School Division & Open College Division
Summer Wrestling Tourney which was very successful for many years!
PIAA State Champions, National Prep Champions & NCAA Champions,
wrestled in this once great tourney!
Champions in the 1st Booster Club Tourney in 1972:
HS Division:  Dave Quier, Dan Niman, Greg Duke, John Little, Bill Kaercher,
Steve Gantz, Chris Poff, Ed Neiswender, Mark Lieberman & Don Lehman.
▪ Open/College Division:  Mike Torchia, David Groverman, Norm Palovcsik,
Bill Luckenbaugh, Brian Schmidt, Jesse Rawls, Mike Lieberman & Tom Herr.

Click the - West York Booster Summer Tournament

www.westyorkwrestlingalumni.com history

"Honor the Past, Celebrate the Present...
Look to the Future!"

A "fantastic" - westyorkwrestlingalumni.com feature
PIAA State Wrestling Champions Page!
The YCIAA/YAIAA State Mat Champions Area...
"Click" on my PIAA State Honor Roll Page
by Don Lehman


        York/Adam's PIAA CHAMPS
  PIAA State Wrestling Champions
               by... High School

     ∙ Dallastown (5), Hanover (5), South Western (4),
       Delone Catholic (4),
Kennard Dale (4), Biglerville (3),
Dover (3), West York (3), Bermudian Springs (3),
       Susquehannock (1),
York Vo-Tech (1), Littlestown (1),
       New Oxford (1), Spring Grove (1), Gettysburg (1).

           The Luckenbaugh's

                          WEST YORK WRESTLING
Sectionals Districts Regionals States


www.westyorkwrestlingalumni.com history

Bill Luckenbaugh's West York Wrestling HS Career

Bill Luckenbaugh's East Stroudsburg NCAA Career


"Look @" 1974 NCAA DII Championship Results.
"Look @" 1974 NCAA DI Championship Brackets.

64 Years Ago...

Take a look back... at the 1951 & 1952
Southeastern Regional Wrestling Championships
the 1951 & 1952 PIAA - (DIII vs. DI)
 District III
- District I Champions & Runners-up's!
by Lewistown's Historian - Bob Hower



ESU 1931-2019 Varsity Letter Awards

"Click on Our WY Alumni Page"...
WY Wrestling's ALUMNI Page

Also, click on... West York Wrestling Alumni News Bits

Don Lehman's "Hall of Fame" Team 

West York Wrestling Records
West York Wrestling Records - 1934 to 2015...
with as many milestones as I could research!
West York Wrestling History
West York Wrestling History - 1934 to 2015...
81 Seasons of West York Mat History!
  The... WY Mat Photo Gallery
West York Wrestling Photo Archives...
1950's to the 2000's Photos & Results!

West York Outstanding Wrestler Awards!
The George Sterner Memorial Awards -

Read Don's Elite Interviews from the Archives
A West York Wrestling Alumni Feature!
Wrestling Q & A/Interviews:
(click on each interview and enjoy!)

          The Q & A Interviews
        Billy Randt, Rod Stough, Jeff Wolfe,
Bruce Stambaugh,
        Keith "KRW" Warehime, David Maday-Jason Turnbull,
        Mary Jane & John T. Toggas, Jon Trenge, Randy Blasdell,
        Wilmer Pressel, Dr. William Welker, Mike Stambaugh,
        Todd Reynolds, Gary Narber, Fred & Matt Callahan
        Brian Kuntz, K.C. McCleary,
Charlie Jacobs, John Reiber,
        Perry Tallman, Justin Wilkins, Mark Bowersox
, Skip Martin,
        Eric & Todd Lehman, Steve Elicker, Gross-Pressel.



2003 YAIAA AAA Sectionals

2003 YAIAA AAA Section Champions - WY's Todd Lehman & Eric Albright.

Look at my - Sectional Wrestling Page!
∙YCIAA∙YAIAA Mat Championships
View Some Past Sectional Champions - Photos/Results...
County Section Tourney Photo Years: '60, '62, '65, '66,
'69, '70, '71, '72, '73, '77, '78, '79, '80, '81, '82, '83,
'84, '85, '91, '96, '02, '03, '04, '05, '06, '09, '10, '12, '13.

Stauffer makes '15 GTPA YAIAA All-Star Team - HERE!

Sectional Page
District Champs Region Champs
PIAA Qualifiers PIAA State Champs

York's PIAA State Wrestling Champions


Did You Know That?!?
West York Wrestling has had in its history:


         13 - Head Varsity Coaches w/over 600 dual meet wins!
- National Hall of Famer's (Toggas & Ober) NWCA
4 - PWCA PA Hall of Famer's
1 -
Wrestler in 1st PIAA State Championship in 1938!
         "The 1st" - York, PA PIAA State Mat Champion!
           3 - PIAA State Mat Champions - 1965 & 1969
           2 - High School Wrestling All-Americans
5 -
WY Wrestlers with 100+ Career Wins!
         49 - District III Champions
         17 - Regional Champions
           6 - Three-time YCIAA Sectional Champions
           1 - Four-time York County Sectional Champion
         78 - PIAA State Mat Tourney Qualifiers
         17 - PIAA State Place-winners
           2 - Undefeated Career Dual Meet Wrestlers
0 - YCIAA/YAIAA Championships Teams in...
                 ('63, '64, '65, '72, '75, '77, '78, '92, '94, '99)
         13 - Easton PA Holiday Wrestling Champions
         13 - Governor Mifflin Holiday Champions
           1 - Three-time Governor Mifflin Holiday Champion
           3 - Three-time WY OW Award Recipients
4 - George Sterner Memorial Award Recipients
           1 - National Prep Wrestling Champion
8 - West York HS NCAA College Wrestlers
           1 - NCAA National DII Wrestling Champion
           1 - Cultural Exchange Freestyle Match w/Poland!
         10 - WY Wrestlers Earn a Varsity Letter at ESSC/ESU!
1 -
WY Wrestlers Gain a PSAC Tourney Medal
4 -
West York Graduates on ESSC '73-74 Mat Team
- WY Wrestling Alumni Reunions in...
              ('82, '83, '04, '09, '12, '12, '13, '13, '14, '15, '16).


From WY/URSINUS Alumnus - K. C. McCleary...
The West York Wrestling Booster Club

West York Varsity Wrestling
Team Photo Area
(click on each year to view team photos)

  1947   1948   1949
1965   1966   1967   1968
1970   1971   1972   1973
1974   1975   1976   1977
1978   1979   1981   1982
1983   1984   1988   1989
1990   1992   1993   1994
1995   1996   1997   1998
1999   2002   2003   2004
2005   2006   2007   2008
2009   2010   2011   2012
2013   2014   2015   2016

2014 - West York's Cole Rinehart (top)


"You Miss 100% of the Takedown Shots...
You NEVER Take!"

WY Alumni - 55 NCAA Grapplers
"West York Alumni College Wrestler List"
Click Here!

"East Stroudsburg's" Bill Luckenbaugh Click Here!


All NCAA Mat Brackets - DI  DII  DIII
  by Wrestling Stats
West York has had 5 NCAA Division One Qualifiers!
Amsbaugh, Ron Emenheiser,
Billy Luckenbaugh, Tom Toggas
(Eric Albright WY/Red Lion).
West York's College Page
▪ All Native Pennsylvania NCAA Mat Champions/Placewinners:
Division One Wrestling Archive - by Allen Brown
The NCAA DI Champions from Pennsylvania Page



PSAC "All-Time" Wrestling Champions 1940 - 2013
(West York's Bill Luckenbaugh - PSAC Champion '74)
*Former West York Coach, Josh Millard (LHU) won a PSAC Crown in '02


EWL Champions History*
w/former West York Coach Josh Millard...LHU

(Josh Millard LHU... top - EWL Champion in '01)
*Red Lion HS's/LHU's Brad Lloyd won an EWL crown in '89.
*YS's/York Vo-Tech's/West Virginia's - Mark Banks won an EWL crown
in '90 & '91.  Mark Banks placed 5th @ the '90 NCAA's & 5th @ the
  '91 NCAA's for West Virginia.  Photo of Mark Banks-York Vo-Tech...
 from the 1985 YCIAA AAA Sectionals (M. Banks) - HERE!


EIWA Champions History... All Brackets
w/former West York HS grapplers in EIWA's...
(Glenn A. Amsbaugh
'65, '67) (Don Lehman '77)
(Tom Toggas -
3-time EIWA Champion '84, '85, '87, '88)
(Barry Gay '81, '82, '83) (Mark Buelow '95, '97)
(Jeff Wolfe '95, '96, '98)
(Bruce Stambaugh '80)


York's Best In College!

        York PA's Best College Wrestlers by NCAA Division
    Division One - Brad Lloyd (Red Lion) (Lock Haven University)
    Division Two - Bill Luckenbaugh (West York) (East Stroudsburg University)
     Division Three - Shaun Smith (Dover) (Delaware Valley College)

1988-89 (L-R) LHU's Craig Corbin & Brad Lloyd.

Red Lion's Brad Lloyd - Bio
    Red Lion alumnus Brad Lloyd was a 3-time PSAC champion, EWL champion
in '89 and a 3-time NCAA Division I All-American Wrestler ('86, '88, '89)...
  for the Lock Haven University Eagles.
  Brad Lloyd is featured on practically
     all Lock Haven University Wrestling Records.  Brad Lloyd had a career record
of 146-25-2 at LHU with 44 falls and 28 technical falls!!  Brad Lloyd lost to
 Oklahoma State's Chris Barnes, 1-1, 2-2, criteria 3 in the finals of the 1989
  NCAA's in Oklahoma City.  Brad was seeded #1 in '89.  In addition to his
NCAA DI 2nd place finish in '89, Brad also placed 3rd in '88 & 7th in '86.
(Brad wrestled for Coach Neil W. Turner @ Lock Haven University)
   Red Lion's/LHU's Brad Lloyd is in the EWL Hall of Fame, and in my opinion is
the BEST
NCAA Division I College Wrestler ever from York County!
  A close
second would be York Suburban/York Vo-Tech - West Virginia's Mark Banks,
 a "2-time" EWL champion...who placed 5th twice for West Virginia University
@ the NCAA's - in '90 & '91... earning consecutive All-American honors.

▪ Brad Lloyd in some Red Lion YCIAA Sectional Photos... 1981, 1982, 1983.
Also - a PDF LHU article on Brad Lloyd from 1989 -  HERE!

Lock Haven University Wrestling Records - HERE!

York County's best NCAA DII Wrestler - Bill Luckenbaugh ('74 DII Champ)...
 and the best from DIII would be 3-time NCAA DIII Champion - Shaun Smith.

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www.westyorkwrestlingalumni.com history

                    Looking Back... 1962-63 Season!
       February 16, 1963
...York Dispatch - The York County Interscholastic
  Wrestling league ended last evening with results running true to form
  and causing a first-place deadlock for the championship.
  Since there will be no championship to break the tie, Spring Grove and
  West York, will be declared
co-champions and share the crown won last
  year (1961-62) by Dover.  West York defeated stubborn Northeastern,
  26-19 collecting its tenth triumph in eleven outings.

            95lbs. - Gary Carbaugh (WY) dec. Terry Edelblute (NE) 7-0.
          103lbs. - Dana Luckenbaugh (WY) dec. Dave Bupp (NE) 5-0.
          112lbs. - Dennis Grim (NE) dec. Bob Kauffman (WY) 2-0.
          120lbs. - Darryl Dennis (WY) dec. Sam Willman (NE) 9-7.
          127lbs. - James Young (WY) dec. Tom Snellbaker (NE) 5-0 .
          133lbs. - Glenn Amsbaugh (WY) pinned Mike Rousher (NE) 1:49.
          138lbs. - Tom DeLong (WY) dec. James Greer (NE) 10-8.
          145lbs. - Keith Paup (NE) pinned Bob Smyser (WY) 5:10.
          154lbs. - Charles Bostic (WY) and Joe Farcht (NE) drew 2-2.
          165lbs. - Phil Boeckel (NE) pinned Barry Pottorff (WY) 5:21.
          180lbs. - Ken Crall (NE) and Sheldon Lloyd (WY) drew 0-0.
  Unl. - Wilbur Craley (NE) and William Wiehe (WY) drew 1-1.

          *note West York had two Section II Champions in 1963 - with
Dana Luckenbaugh (103lbs.) and Glenn Amsbaugh (133lbs.).

                              The 1962-63 West York Wrestling Team
                                                        1962-63 YCIAA Co-Champions
Front (L-R) Bob Smyser, Tom DeLong, Glenn Amsbaugh, Jim Young, Daryl Dennis,
                        Bob Kauffman, Dana Luckenbaugh, Gary Carbaugh.
Back (L-R) Stan Wright, Don Copenhaver, Byron Smith, Bill Wiehe, Sheldon Lloyd,
                        Barry Pottorff, Charles Bostic, Jim Schaffer, Burton Snyder, Terry Eisenhart.
                            missing from photo - Head WY Coach... Bob Brown   From... Charlie's 60's Page

West York High School Football Players...
(3 daily practices and a 2-mile 7:00am run, no water @ practice,
constant wet clothes, dust/dirt, salt-tabs and a dreaded "bell")

"ALL practices - full pads"

West York Wrestling Alumni
"In the West York Football Record Book"
      12/12/12 West York/New Oxford Dual Meet - "a couple shots!"
      2012 - PA Sportswriters AAA All-State 1st Team - Zack Smith (WR)
      1979 - Most Season Rushes... Alan Silar (226)
      1966 - Most Season Touchdowns... Steve Kunkle (26)
      1979 - Most Game Rushes... Alan Silar vs. Red Lion (32)
      1984 - Most Season Pass Receptions... Troy Ketterman (31)
      1984 - Most Game Pass Receptions... Troy Ketterman (7)
      1976 - Most Game Pass Receptions... John Reiber (7)
      1984 - Most Season Solo Tackles... Chad Toomey (59)
      1974 - Most Season Pass Interceptions... Jeff Meckley (9)
      1990 - Most Game Tackles... Jeff Wolfe vs. Dover (13)
      1996 - Most Game Tackles... Matt Sheridan vs. Littlestown (12)
      1990 - Most Game Tackle Assists... Jeff Wolfe vs. Dover (12)
      1990 - Most Total Game Defensive Points... Jeff Wolfe vs. Dover (43)
      1984 - Most Total Game Defensive Points... Troy Ketterman vs. YS (34)
      1986 - Most Total Game Sacks... Bob Narber (3)


Did you know? - that 1970 West York HS graduate - Mark Brenneman
briefly wrestled in the WY Jr. High program & was a Big 33 PA football
All-State football pick...and went on to have a brilliant career
at Notre Dame University - (#59 Center) - seasons 1972 to 1974!

Some Mark Brenneman LINKS:
9/30/74 Sports Illustrated Article

1973 Notre Dame National Championship Football Facts
by Wikipedia
Notre Dame's All-Time Academic All-American 1974
1974 All-American Blockers PDF
Mark Brenneman #59 - Notre Dame Football USC/ND video '73

1968 - West York's John Sprenkle #70.
'68 PA "Big 33" Game Captain/'68 PA "All-State" Football
1st Team Selection.

www.westyorkwrestlingalumni.com history

PIAA District 3 Wrestling

WY's PIAA State Wrestling Tourney Qualifiers



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