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ESSC's Don Lehman 1977 (top) vs. West Chester State.

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West York Wrestler
ESU Letters
       ▪ Mark Buelow 3 1995-97
       ▪ Glen Eby 2 1971-72
       ▪ Barry Gay 3 1981-83
       ▪ Don Lehman 4 1974-77
       ▪ Keith Lichty 1 1974
       ▪ Bill Luckenbaugh 4 1971-74
       ▪ Matt Sprenkle 1 1996
       ▪ Mike Stambaugh 4 1973-76
       ▪ Bruce Stambaugh 1 1980
       ▪ Jeff Wolfe 4 1995-98

  ESU's Koehler Sports Fieldhouse

▪ ESU Athletic Hall of Fame Members
1996: Bill Luckenbaugh '74, Wrestling Captain
Mike Stambaugh '76, Football, Wrestling

1974 - NCAA DII Wrestling Championships
East Stroudsburg State College - 7th Place
(39 1/2pts.)

1974 NCAA Trio @ Cal-State Fullerton University
▪ '74 - (Back) ESSC Head Wrestling Coach Clyde H. "Red" Witman.
(Front) ESSC's Bill Luckenbaugh (150lbs.), Don Lehman (190lbs.),
Robert Stetler (158lbs.)

March - 1974

PSAC Mat Fact!
Former ESU Coach Clyde "Red" Witman was a PSAC Wrestling Champ
in 1953 @ 137lbs. and 1954 @ 157lbs. for West Chester State College.

Bill Luckenbaugh
East Stroudsburg State College

1974 NCAA DII National Wrestling Champion

Bill Luckenbaugh (ESU) pinned Roger Warner (Cal Poly) 3:35.
1974 NCAA Division II Wrestling Championship Results
Lucky & Lehman @ '74 NCAA's

Bill Luckenbaugh
East Stroudsburg State College

1974 PSAC Wrestling Champion

Bill Luckenbaugh (ESU) dec. Mike Waller (Slippery Rock) 5-4.

ESSC's/ESU's Wrestling Room

 ESSC's/ESU's Wrestling Room

∙ Looking Back...@ WY/ESU Wrestling Alumni

ESU's 190lb. Jeff Wolfe (top) at Koehler Fieldhouse in 1995.
ESU's Jeff Wolfe Photo Page

   East Stroudsburg University
East Stroudsburg State College

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(NC State 20  ESSC 14)

1975 East Stroudsburg State College Wrestling
Home Match @ ESSC's/ESU's Koehler Fieldhouse
Jack Miller, Coach Clyde "Red" Witman, Gary Kessel, Don Lehman,
Phil Conlin & Dan Leach - 1975 ESSC vs. North Carolina State Dual Meet.

1975 photo sent to Don Lehman from the late - Coach Clyde H. "Red" Witman.



                        Warrior matmen win one;
                          lose two in quad match!
                                                                 @ Bloomsburg State College
                     Pocono Record 11/19/73  ▪ ESSC senior Bill Luckenbaugh (158)
              and freshman
Don Lehman (heavyweight)... won all three of their matches
              to highlight East Stroudsburg State College action in the Bloomsburg quadrangular
              wrestling tournament Friday.  The Warriors defeated Trenton State 25-13, but lost to
              Bloomsburg, 25-16, and to Slippery Rock, 33-11.  Luckenbaugh (7-0) scored two
              pins over Bill Pasukinas of Bloomsburg in 3:27 and George Davenport of Trenton State
              in 3:46 to give him five pins for the season and 34 for his career.  The ESSC
              All-American also defeated Angelo Natoli of Slippery Rock, a Penn State Invitational
              Champion last week, for the second time this season, 4-0.  He had beaten Natoli
              in the finals of the Coast Guard Invitational, 6-0. Lehman (6-1), only a freshman
              from the same high school (West York) as Luckenbaugh, registered one of the
              night's surprises by pinning John Hohman of Bloomsburg State, a Coast Guard
              190lb. Invitational champion, in 4:30.  The Warriors' heavyweight also decisioned
              previously undefeated and current National Greco-Roman Wrestling Champion,
              Mike Dumin of Trenton State, 3-2 on riding time, and Frank Kuhl of Slippery Rock,
              9-1.  Gary Kessel (134) and Gene Ulrich (142) each won one match and tied one
              for ESSC, who are now 4-3 on the season.  Kessel (3-3), a freshman, demolished
              Rich Hicks of Trenton State, who had beaten Kessel in last season's New Jersey
              High School Regional Tourney, 12-2.  ESSC's Eugene Ulrich (2-4) gained a tie with
              Chris Messina of Slippery Rock at 142lbs.

                                                                     11/19/74 SPORTS
    11/18/73 @ Bloomsburg Quad
 ESSC 25  Trenton State 13
 118lbs.  Bill Cuff ES dec. Dave Rule TS 9-8
 126lbs.  John Craddox TS dec. Keith Lichty ES 8-1
 134lbs.  Gary Kessel ES dec. Rich Hicks TS 12-2
 142lbs.  Gene Ulrich ES dec. Alex Betlea TS 10-1
 150lbs.  Dale Oliver TS dec. Melvin Riddick ES 10-7
 158lbs.  Bill Luckenbaugh ES pinned George Davenport TS 3:46
 167lbs.  Bill Hays TS dec. Carl Seitz ES 14-4
 177lbs.  Mike Stambaugh ES pinned Frank MacGuire TS 2:14
 190lbs.  Glenn Carson TS dec. Fred Swanson ES 9-1
  Don Lehman ES dec. Mike Dumin TS 3-2
▪ ▪ ▪ ▪ ▪ ▪ ▪ ▪
    11/18/73 @ Bloomsburg Quad
 Bloomsburg 25  ESSC 16
 118lbs.  Tom Fink B dec. Bill Cuff ES 11-0
 126lbs.  Keith Lichty ES drew with Gary Scarano B 5-5
 134lbs.  Gary Kessel ES drew with Dave Brandt B 5-5
 142lbs.  Randy Watts B dec. Gene Ulrich ES 8-0
 150lbs.  Chuck Carter B dec. Melvin Riddick ES 9-3
 158lbs.  Bill Luckenbaugh ES pinned Bill Pasukinas B 3:27
 167lbs.  Dan Burkholder B dec. Carl Seitz ES 12-0
 177lbs.  Floyd "Shorty" Hitchcock B dec. Mike Stambaugh ES 14-2
 190lbs.  Ron Sheehan B dec. Fred Swanson ES 10-4
   Don Lehman ES pinned John Hohman B 4:30
▪ ▪ ▪ ▪ ▪ ▪ ▪ ▪
    11/18/73 @ Bloomsburg Quad
 Slippery Rock 33  ESSC 11
 118lbs.  Jack Spates SR pinned Bill Cuff ES 5:50
 126lbs.  Rick Thompson SR pinned Keith Lichty ES 2:10
 134lbs.  Jeff Condon SR dec. Gary Kessel ES 13-2
 142lbs.  Gene Ulrich ES drew with Chris Messina SR 4-4
 150lbs.  Mike Waller SR pinned Melvin Riddick ES 5:44
 158lbs.  Bill Luckenbaugh ES dec. Angelo Natoli SR 4-0
 167lbs.  Rich Peifer SR pinned Carl Seitz ES 4:57
 177lbs.  Bill Shuffstall SR dec. Mike Stambaugh ES 9-4
 190lbs.  Fred Swanson ES dec. Carl Messina SR 2-1
  Don Lehman ES dec. Frank Kuhl SR 9-1

              ▪  West York Alumni - Keith Lichty '73, Bill Luckenbaugh '69,
                 Mike Stambaugh '72 & Don Lehman '73.



∙ ESSC/ESU Wrestlers & Cousins - Elicker/Lehman (both 4-year lettermen)
7/9/11 (L-R ) South Western HS & ESU mat standout, Steve Elicker
w/first cousin & webmaster, Don Lehman.

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